Ooh I am super excited to share with you that I am now in the process of creating an Ebook.

Lisa Humphries II 13*

Did you hear me?

I am Producing my first ever Ebook!

Woohoo. Wow.

Apologies for shouting but really? Me?

At this point it is only a vision in my mind. A dream in my sky. A flutter in my heart.

But wheels are in motion, so if I can get the words down on screen, then this baby is happening.

For real.

And no, it’s not quite the same as writing a novel, but it will be a real book. E format or otherwise. I will be a Semi-author of sorts. And all because of this life-changing little blog of mine.


This is Living Brightly.

Following dreams. Creating ideas. Connecting with the right people. Making it happen.

As this is such a big step for me, and because it is also often ‘the dream’ for many newbie Bloggers I have decided to detail and record the process of writing, designing, producing and publishing my little creation.

I hope it happens as I envisage it.

How do you even produce an Ebook?

I have some fears.

Will I actually get any words written?

Will I get past the planning stage?

Will my designer understand the look and concept I desire?

And the biggie –

Will anyone even want to read/buy this book anyway?????


Producing my first Ebook


I am nervous, apprehensive and excited!

I want to do this anyway for me.

So, how does the process begin?

Well, to be honest I thought I would have actually written more (or any) text as the starting point. I thought that I would get started on this, and then contact a designer and get it produced. In that order.

What actually happened?

I planned, procrastinated, daydreamed and brain stormed content ideas for a while.

Then I daydreamed some more. And some more.

It was quite nice and cozy.

Art takes time people. Hehe.

I decided on the most ‘sensible’ option and Ebook to write. The one which suited my theme, was the most logical and tied in nicely.

Then I sat with it a little uneasily. I researched a few ideas and made a few notes. Spoke to a few blogger pals….

Sat some more.

But couldn’t quite get started.

There was resistance.

And then in an instant, out of nowhere, I impulsively fell back to one of my original (heart felt) ideas and changed everything.

In a second it all felt right.

This idea is not logical or safe. It may not even work. At all. I am scared to even tell anyone what the idea is just yet incase it is an epic fail. It will require the help of other bloggers for it to be a success and they just may not be interested.

It is different.

But it makes me want to start work straight away. It makes my heart feel exhilarated and speedy.

I feel bubbles.

I want to do THIS book.

And so the very first lesson which I have learnt is something which should not surprise me.

Follow your Gut/Heart.


Why do we know this yet often fail to allow ourselves to choose it?

Okay decision made!

And guess what?

I have a designer already. She found me in a roundabout way. There was some major serendipity work at play at the way this all came about.

‘Ask and you will be given’ certainly does seem to have some truth to it. As does surrounding yourself with the right people and aligning vibes.

People are infinitely good and kind.

I was kindly offered the most generous gift and am super happy to be working with this lovely talented Graphic Designer who will take my vision and ideas and make it happen technically.

Our first exercise was to spend a happy afternoon ‘pinning’ a mood board on Pinterest…

Artistic ideas, formats and colours swirling in my head……

I’m thinking soft Blues & Gold. Romantic, Whimsical & Vintage Esq.

Producing my first ebook

But more on this in Part 2 : The Mood Board.

Have your produced an ebook? Or would you like to? I think the whole process will be so creative and fun. And If you want to make sure you receive an early bird discount on the final product make sure you are on my free Subscriber list here. xx

*«Photo Credit – 1 & 2 – by Lisa Humphries»

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18 comments on “Producing my Ebook – Part 1”

  1. I produced my poetry e-book ‘The Purple Night’ earlier this year, and I am so happy with it. I also published my book ‘Cancer, Chemo and Curls’ in print and on Kindle.

    My next 2 books are on the way! I wish you well with your e-book, I’m sure you’ll enjoy every moment of the process. Can’t wait to read it!

  2. Love this post ( stumbled from google). I have been toying with the idea of creating an ebook but I am stuck at the very beginning – trying to come up with something original…. Any tips?

  3. Hi Lindsay,
    Thats great.
    Maybe think about what excites you. Get a piece of paper and write down any topics which appeal. See which ones excite you naturally and feels right. Maybe some meditation to get intuitive guidance?
    What do you like to read? What would other people say are your expertise? Go from here? Let me know what you come up with. At some point this would probably tie in with my Blog/Writing coaching sessions to help people develop their passion/purpose but Im not quite there yet… xx

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