Yoga for CFS, Stress and Burnout with Fiona Agombar

Yoga For CFS, Stress and Burnout with Fiona Agombar

To teach yoga to calm down the central nervous system…. and allow proper deep healing to take place. Listening to Fiona’s introductory words (and her concept of Yoga for CFS) I simply know that her new yoga series is going to be right for me. That this won’t be too much. Think of this practice […] Read more…

What is Yoga communicating to you?

Ive heard people say this a lot; “Yoga is a way of your body communicating to you” “Get on the mat to connect and listen.” A way for you to connect intuitively to your body and your emotions. I understand this and I can certainly FEEL this, but today I experienced something a little deeper. It’s […] Read more…

Chakra & Chanting work to help heal the Thyroid

I have recently been learning a little about Chakras and our Chakra system. It’s interesting stuff which I have touched upon briefly before.  Many spiritual experts believe that in order to heal and thrive our chakras all need to be balanced and in perfect harmony. They believe that Chakra and Chanting work can help to […] Read more…

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