Interview with Rebecca – A Fitness Coach

Today I am chatting with the lovely Rebecca who is a proud Fitness and Wellness Coach. She is also a Blogger and a Food Lover who likes to dance in the rain and jump in puddles…… I love her already!   Her mantra (and personal discovery) is that ‘fitness and wellbeing truly begin from within.’ Her mission is […] Read more…


Manifest your own Perfect Tribe of Soulmates

 “No man is an island” We all need a community of people around us. People to support us, to share life with us, and to laugh and cry with us. Without this we are lost. Even those of us who love our own space need connection. It is what makes us human. We all have […] Read more…

When my Soul lurks beneath my words

Often I feel ‘drawn’ to write. To put pen to paper or fingertip to keypad…… At times I will know and choose my topic carefully. I research and I think it all through logically in my mind. But then there are the magical and mystical occasions when I have no plan at all. When I […] Read more…

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