Journalling my health story out

Journalling on the enormity of my health situation

I’m feeling a need –a pull – to journal, and to write in the easiest free-flowing form possible. A form in which no care is given to word etiquette, structure nor content. The aim is to let the pen be the conductor….. Let’s begin… “….There has been a growing sense of needing to write-it-out of late. And I […] Read more…

poetry self publishing

My Poetry Self Publishing Idea

My friend Emma sent me a poem recently (read how it touched me HERE) and  unknowingly it became this incredible catalyst which organically released spirited poems hidden within. A poetry self publishing idea is brewing… I confess, I didn’t even know that I had poetry wanting to be released. But it seems I do. Very much so infact seeing […] Read more…

bathroom ideas for your home

Inspiring Bathroom Ideas & Beautiful Bath Time Rituals

Ive written before about how our environment and the space we inhabit can influence and positively affect our mood and wellbeing. A beautiful space invokes a beautiful mood. Remember that feeling when you turn the key and slowly open a never before been to hotel room?….. The anticipation turning to pure joy as you take in […] Read more…

Inspired By Poetry

Inspired by the beautiful collaborative project by Leah (creator of PaperPlanesConnect) and Meg (creator of Show Me Your Diamond) to light a spark back under the humble poem…. I had a little play around myself today…. The energy of these amazing girls and the beauty of their project (which encourages budding writers and visionaries to unleash their words […] Read more…


Interview with Toby Morrison – On a mission to help others recover from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and live purposeful lives.

I was so excited (and grateful) to connect with Toby Morrison recently for this Interview. If you haven’t heard of Toby or his website http://www.cfshealth.com yet I am pretty sure that soon he will increasingly be on your radar.  After successfully recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome himself in his teens, Toby has gone on to set […] Read more…


Interview with Dr Josh Axe – 6 Philosophies for Health, Happiness, and Longevity.

Dr Josh Axe is a renowned author and Doctor of Functional Medicine who runs an ongoing practice and dedicates much of his time to working closely with professional athletes helping them to achieve maximum performance and peak health. You can find him at http://www.draxe.com. Recently interviewed on the Functional World Summit  he chats about Health, Happiness and […] Read more…


Creating a Beautiful Life (with Katie) – Recovering from CFS/ME

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Katie who set up her Wellness Blog http://www.conqueringfearspiritually after suffering and recovering from 10 years of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME. The lovely Katie is also a Teacher, Writer and Speaker and has a passion for helping others on their own healing paths. “This blog is different. No medical reports, […] Read more…


Should you switch to a Natural Sun Tan Lotion?

Is your sun tan lotion safe? Or is there a better alternative and should you switch to a natural sun tan lotion? Another health scare I hear you say! Its crazy how so much is bad for us nowadays. Riduculous even. It makes you want to run for the hills with your hands over your […] Read more…

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