Soul Development

Manifest your own Perfect Tribe of Soulmates

 “No man is an island” We all need a community of people around us. People to support us, to share life with us, and to laugh and cry with us. Without this we are lost. Even those of us who love our own space need connection. It is what makes us human. We all have […] Read more…

Creating a Beautiful Life.

Creating a Beautiful Life Interview – with Leah the Blogger

“Create. Connect. Cultivate Change.” This is the message from the lovely Leah at Paper Planes Connect. Her beautiful Blog is an amazing vibrant space for telling and sharing stories, yarns and spiels. Connecting people through the art of storytelling. So, lets get chatting….. Hi Leah, Thank you so much for taking part in this interview. I’m […] Read more…

Interview with Tara – A Health & Lifestyle Coach

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Tara Caetano. An holistic health & lifestyle coach (to be) from Australia, she has also created her fabulous food website and is slap bang in the middle of building and pursuing her own Beautiful Life as we speak….. Her heart and soul jump off the […] Read more…

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