organic natural homemade face mask

A Natural Homemade Face Mask: Coconut, Honey + Lemon

Prepare to raid your food cupboard and ditch the expensive chemical masks because this recipe for a Natural Homemade Face Mask is as much fun to create as it is luxurious to use. The natural homemade face mask is simple and deeply nourishing, combining the best skin enhancing and soothing ingredients with a zingy fresh […] Read more…

how your space affects and reflects your life

How your Space Reflects & Affects your Life.

Regardless of whether you own (or rent) a house or flat, or whether you live with your parents, or maybe flat-share, hopefully there is a Space which you can call your own? A Space which (however small) is entirely yours to call HOME and put your beautiful stamp on? But does your space REFLECT your […] Read more…

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