a warm summer paleo salad

A Summer Chicken, Broccoli & Vine Tomato Warm Paleo Salad

It may be summer but I still instinctively prefer a warm Paleo salad over a completely raw version. It’s easier to digest lightly steamed food for a start whilst still retaining all the goodness. Warm food is especially healing for those with thyroid or sluggish metabolisms as it means the body has less work to […] Read more…

Autumn Immune Boosting Salad

I love a good salad – it is my Lunch staple. Easy and quick to make with so much potential variation. This Autumn dish also has the Probiotic and Gut Healing benefits of Red Cabbage Sauerkraut to perk up your Immune System. My Autumn Probiotic Pork & Rainbow Chard Salad is colourful, tempting and delicious. […] Read more…

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