a warm summer paleo salad

A Summer Chicken, Broccoli & Vine Tomato Warm Paleo Salad

It may be summer but I still instinctively prefer a warm Paleo salad over a completely raw version. It’s easier to digest lightly steamed food for a start whilst still retaining all the goodness. Warm food is especially healing for those with thyroid or sluggish metabolisms as it means the body has less work to […] Read more…

A Perfect Gluten Free Canterbury Brownie: The hunt is on

On the hunt for that Holy Grail – Would we find a perfect Gluten Free Canterbury Brownie? We headed to Kitch nestled in the cobbled, bustling Canterbury City Streets. A Beautifully Decorated, Home-made Loving, Natural Foodie Paradise set in the main pretty cobbled street. The BROWNIE just seemed to scream out at us….  “Try me. Try […] Read more…

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