Coconut & Carob Paleo Pudding: A Hormone Healing Dessert

I love it when I blindly create something really good. It is usually born out of a sweet treat craving and a lack of ingredients in my cupboard…. meaning I have to get really inventive and creative. Sometimes it really really works in my favour…. Coconut & Carob Paleo Pudding is delicious and healthy. My […] Read more…

Recipe For Bliss Balls: Peppermint + Choc Delights

I wanted an easy-peasey recipe for Bliss Balls. In fact, truth be told, I was hungry with limited food supplies so this was a throw-anything-which-works together experiment. I was also very tired so this was a I-only have-1 minute-of energy challenge too….. Let’s see what we can do…… Well this recipe for Bliss Balls worked! […] Read more…

paleo chocolate caramel recipe

Chocolate Caramel Melts Recipe

These are the most tasty, luxurious melt-in-your-mouth, Chocolate Caramel treats EVER. Im not even kidding! These are better than any shop bought alternatives. And best of all they are totally HEALTHY! And they take 5-10 minutes (of fun) to produce 🙂 Gluten Free – Naturally! Sugar Free – Hell Yeah! Dairy Free – Erm… well […] Read more…

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