Remove the Toxins First

Recently I have been learning more about Detoxification. It hasn’t been easy to be honest and I have found it an overwhelming topic area with almost too much advise out there to make sense of, and more crucially understand how to apply to myself and my condition. For if you have a chronic disease it […] Read more…

How to get some OOMPH on a bad day

I am sure you would love some more Oomph in your life too. Perhaps your Body and Mind are beyond sleepy. You have so many intentions for the day ahead. You want to get out in the glorious Autumn sunshine and meet friends. But its not possible. Once again the calling is towards Surrender and […] Read more…

Is your long term CFS caused by a Virus?

After suffering from (so called) severe CFS since I was 16 years old, I had conceded that I may never really discover the root trigger/cause of my overnight onset illness after so long. I focused instead on doing everything I could to heal -regardless of the exact disease. Because my umbrella term diagnosis of ME or […] Read more…

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