I know how confusing (and exciting) it can feel when you open up a website, and don’t quite know where to begin…

This page will guide you…


  • I suggest beginning with my About Me + You page so that we can get to know one another.

  • You may be interested in My Health Story and how I have been unwell with ME/CFS, Autoimmune Thyroid, Adrenal Insufficiency, Lyme, Immune Dysfunction, Mild Lupus, POTS, Hyper-mobility, Parvo Virus – and all the labels… for 22 years.
  • I would also suggest reading my 2 part Blogging Story posts. These detail how eventually I became brave enough to write from where I am at, rather than wait until I am recovered. 

  • My Fund-raising page’ (set up by my Sister) also details much more of my specific health plan/details.

  • You may also like to read my posts on the fears and hesitations I had around setting up the fundraising, and how I subsequently got past them. Click here and here.

  • I would be honoured if you wanted to have a read and sneak peak of my upcoming poetry book I see in words. This is such a passion project and dream come true. It is a collection of inspiring and intimate poetry, and chapters, detailing my own private thoughts and journey, which will hopefully inspire you to indulge in creativity yourself.
  • If you enjoy occasional ‘Soul Notes’ in your inbox please sign up below. This is a for to connect and build my closest community space, and I ee it evolving as the most intimate. And don’t worry I only write when I have someone important to share, so your inbox will never be cluttered from me. 


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Other than this I would say just have a browse 

Hand-picked Resources I currently love #Kent 


Wellness/Spiritual/Self-Love/Creativity Authors/Influencers: Dr Peatfield, Isabella Wentz, Dr Alan Christianson, Dr dan Kalish, Datiz Kharrizhan, Chris Kresser, Dr Ben Lynch, Dr Horrowitz, Dave Asprey, Dr Mercola, Donna Gates, Stephen Cabral, Sahara Rose, David Woolfe, Dr Lam, Nadine Artemis. Robert Holden, Marianne Williamson, Bronnie Ware, Liz Gilbert, Brenne Brown, Dr Kim D’armo, Neale Donald Walsh, Bruce Lipton, David Hamilton, Rosie Rees

Podcasts: Yoga Girl, Stephen Cabral, The Melissa Ambrosini Show, Broad New World, Highest-Self podcast, Bulletproof Radio, Deliciously Ella

Guided Meditations/ Yoga: Neil Cooper, Belinda Davidson, Fiona Agombar,

Blogs/Social Media/Online: Consciously Healthy, Tara Bliss, Susannah Conway, Claire Baker, Charlotte Elizabeth, Deliciously Ella, Nadine Artemis, Hollytree Kitchen, Madeline Shaw, Conscious Life

Beauty: Doterra Essential oils, Living Libations skincare, Mother dirt shampoo, John Masters Conditioner, Dry Skin brushing, Tongue Scraper, Anne Marie Gianni skincare, Home made products, Organic hairdresser

Biz: Macbook Air, Mailchimp Newsletter, WordPress, Tsohost, Bluchic theme, Backup Buddy security

Home: Salt lamps, Essential oil diffusers, Berkey water filter, Wifi timer, Bath ball, Avro organic paint

Hacks/Products: Swannies Blue-light blocking glasses, Flux night-time app on screens, Wavewall radiation blocking phone cases, Dr Mercola’s blue tube headphone for low EMF, Lumie sunrise lamp, 

Food/Shop: Able + Cole for organic produce delivery, Ocado for organic frozen berries, Whistable Nutrition shop, Canterbury Wholefoods, Healthy house

Holistic: Namaste Massage + Yoga (Herne Bay), Mediation by the Bay (Herne Bay), Organic Yoga mat by Anja, Ayurvedic, TCM

Retreats: Eastwell Mannor Spa (Ashford), Tor Spa (Canterbury)