Ive heard people say this a lot;

“Yoga is a way of your body communicating to you”

“Get on the mat to connect and listen.”

A way for you to connect intuitively to your body and your emotions.

what is yoga communicating to you?

I understand this and I can certainly FEEL this, but today I experienced something a little deeper. It’s funny because I accept more and more (as I grow) that we are on a learning curve in all that we do. Just when we think that we fully comprehend something, that we have understood the lesson and achieved the desired state, our teachings takes us further. They drop us down a level deeper and a whole new level of consciousness evolves for us to explore.

Perhaps this will never end?

Maybe this is comforting? We never have to have all the answers. We just have to work through each stage as and when we are ready. Not through a conscious choice, but through guidance of a higher power lighting up the next path when it deems it appropriate.

“The more I understand the less I know.”

Today my body was aching. Hormones running riot through my veins. My mind swirling. It all hurt and I couldn’t find any peace physically and mentally.

There was no space.

I had been resisting these feelings for days, as you do when they become too common. In truth I am bored of them and bored of nurturing them at times, even though I know fight is futile.

It is what it is and you can only work with where you are.

I know this but it doesn’t make it easier.

Okay (huge sigh), whilst I totally and utterly desire brighter and lighter days I frustratingly and grudgingly admit that acceptance is the only way.

I got out my yoga mat…..

I surrendered to the practice. A chanting Meditative Yoga flow. A gentle movement of the body in a rhythmic ease. I could feel my joints opening.

Creating a space.

Encouraging energy to unblock and life force to move freely around. On a physical level I experienced this. My aches soften as my body came back together as one unit rather than individual disconnected fragments.

My mind soothed. The chanting creating a peaceful vibration.

I dropped down to my usual level.

More peace. More grounded. More connected.

But, this time I went further

This time Yoga communicated to me on a much clearer level. Possibly so because I was so tired and blah and I therefore allowed myself to focus on nothing else. No other thoughts or plans came into my awareness.

I was laying in a resting pose (which opens up the hips and allows for deep connective breathing) and I was asked (by the yoga teacher on the dvd) to listen to my body. To hear what it was saying.

Yoga asked – How was I feeling?

I feel Lonely.

Yoga answered – You need to connect with others.

I feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

Yoga answered – You need to nourish yourself and immerse in goodness. Stop fighting and let your mind relax. Have faith and trust.

I feel sad.

Yoga answered –  You need to allow this feeling. It too shall pass. Afterwards seek joy and laughter but don’t be ashamed of this emotion.

I feel anxious.

Yoga Answered – Do more Yoga.

Eek…..The practice was enlightening. The answers both uncomfortable and supportive. But we have to acknowledge our emotions to allow them to dissolve.

A part of me continues to resist (and probably always will) and reply with

“I’ll skip the sadness and go straight to joy please.”

To stamp my feet and shout out that I have done enough nourishment work and now its time for action and adventure. But healing doesnt work like that. I need to get through the tougher days with as much love, ease, surrender and acceptance as possible.

Therefore today I will be

– Wrapped up in bed with my dog.

– Listening to inspiring and gentle podcasts by mentors like Connie Chapman.

– Eating nourishing food like warm broth and vegetable soup, Chocolate Paleo Bread, and Golden eggs – amongst other treats.

– Drinking tons of herbal tea in beautiful mugs.

– Going for a massage.

– Having a hot bath with Lavender oil.

– Chatting with my sister on the phone and making plans to connect with friends.

– Asking for a hug.

– Writing this piece.

It is not the day I would choose. But this intention feels far nicer than the alternative struggle which would probably revolve around much the same activity but a whole load of frustration and Grrrr-ness.

I would love to hear from you? What do you do to nuture yourself on rough days? To hold back the anger and longing and find acceptance? Has your yoga practice opened your eyes to any of this or found a way of communicating with you or giving you some peace?

What is Yoga communicating to you?

Let me know.

Love Carly xx

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10 comments on “What is Yoga communicating to you?”

  1. What a beautiful article.

    I can relate to so much of what you have written. I too, often resist rest, and resist where my body is at (especially on those particularly ‘bleurgh’ days). Something I am slowly working to change.

    It’s often times like this when the last thing we want to do is get on the mat and look inwards. To have a light shone on the tons of resistance we are holding on to.

    But those experiences, of when you actually do get on the mat, and allow openness to come. Just amazing it?

    The way you got this experience across in your article was fab.

    And as for today being a not so good day? You produced an inspiring article out of today and what it brought to you….sounds like today was just as it was meant to be 🙂

    Emma x

    • Thanks Emma, your reply was lovely and you’re right I did achieve something worthwhile in writing this piece – especially if other people related and found it useful.
      Thanks so much xx

  2. So true – what wonderful messages yoga offers! Sometimes, the hardest part is actually getting on to the mat, but once I’m there, I’m ready to listen.

    • Hi Lauren,
      I know, its so easy to resist and so hard to commit to – but once you do its the best thing. Im resisting now – even knowing this! lol. xx

  3. Carly,

    Wow this was stunning and so well written. I was so “with you” the entire time and was so happy someone wrote about this! I’ve been trying to get into yoga lately. I see inspirational quotes and ideas on how yoga connects you to yourself and gives you far more than just stretching. For some reason I’ve never been able to get the spiritual and connectedness of yoga, and I’m a very spiritual person. So thank you for writing this. It’s starting to make more sense 🙂

    Lots of love,

    • Hi Diane,
      Im so glad you liked it and it made sense. Thanks so much for taking the time to let me know I really appreciate it 🙂
      Good luck on your yoga journey.
      Love Carly xx

  4. carly – I absolutely love this post. So openly vulnerable and touching.
    Thank you for sharing your journey, beautiful. Yoga really is life transformative, if you let it do its thing 🙂 Much love to you xx

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