I know that most people set a New Year’s Resolution but it always feels a little negative. Like we have to give up something, or ‘be better’. The vibe never feels right and therefore most resolutions last all of 3 days.

I’m changing things and considering my New Year Intention for 2015.

What is your New Year Intention?

An Intention or a Desired Feeling evokes a hopeful and powerful vibration. It feels positive and up-lifting. It reinforces the faith that we can influence our own destiny.

We can choose.

Intentions don’t always work out of course. The best laid plans and all that…

However, I believe that if an Intention or Desired Feeling comes from a place of grounded and soulful intuition then actually it is already in place swirling about us, just patiently waiting for us to hear it. Whispering in our ears constantly, we need to learn the language of the heart. To recognise the message and commit to it if it feels right.

Because when we are truly aligned with something everything transpires to help us succeed.

  •  Go deep and and listen. See what words come up for you. Which feel right. They may be an Intention for right now, for this week, or for the whole year. They may change. No worries. Just learn to trust.
  •  Once you receive the Intention and your body tingles in recognition of its perfection then own it and apply it as a mantra for as long as it feels right.

It is beautiful when the language of your soul becomes as crystal clear as a human conversation. You wonder why you never had such sweet chats together before now? The more attention you give to your intuition the more confident it grows and shines, until heart and mind begin to act more as one.

United as they should be.

No conflict; just truth and destiny colliding.

This is true Wellbeing on a whole other level.

My own Intuitive voice is certainly getting louder. Before Christmas it spoke clearly to me and the Intention was for me to

Go with the Flow.

I had a sense that no matter how many plans I made I wouldn’t be in control. A knowing that actually I would probably have more fun and do more activity if I lived by this Intention over the holiday period.

If I surrendered.

As it happens my Nephew was born on Christmas Day (just as the Turkey was being carved) and consequently my parents and I had my 2 1/2 year old niece over to stay with us a lot!


The universe (and my soul) certainly knew best. And infact although it was super chaotic and busy and unconventional I did probably catch up with more friends than most years. I just ‘went with the flow’ as directed. I didn’t stress that I woke up to an empty house for the first time in my life on Christmas day, or that some nights were spend with Miss Amelia pushing me out of the bed and suffocating me with her (cute) cuddles. Most imporatntly I didn’t panic over how exhausted I was and how much this could affect me. This was bigger than that. My sister had a few complications and as a family we stepped up. We went with the flow of life as it happened.

I smiled a lot knowing that by placing trust in my Intention I lessoned my own stress response. There was no resistance to fight. I was not surprised by the turn of events. Instead I shook my head in a teasing and appreciative manner.

I also spent some time considering my Desired Feelings for the whole year ahead.

Part desire. Part intuition.

Me guiding my soul, and my soul guiding me until we met at a place where we both connected once again. Where the words resonated and vibrated in harmony.

2 words jumped out.

Joy & Connection.

And so these are my Intentions for 2015. I also intend to listen to any other fleeting ones which come up (as I need them) but these feel more long-term. A way of the universe nudging me forward towards taking action.

To connect with (like-minded) others and to seek joy as much as possible.


To choose love over fear with each decision I make and each situation I am in. Or at least to recognise my choice in the matter and be brave enough to try when I can. It will not go to plan entirely (of course) but by setting the intention and knowing the desire I feel more guided and supported.

And so I ask;

Have you put the question out there?

What do you need this year, or right now?

The answer will come if you listen and feel. Play around with some Desired Feelings of your own and see which create a tug within you. Write them out and as you read the list perhaps 1 or 2 will cause you to hover a moment longer? Perhaps they will even be a surprise to you. Thats okay.

Hear them. Receive them. Live by them.

I wish you a magical year ahead full of good heath, good times and good people.

I would love to hear your Intention or Desired Feelings in the comments below. Write it down and give it life.

With Love

Carly xx

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