Its been a tough couple of weeks health wise again. Blah de Blah…A real battle with trying to work out whether my own thyroid gland has any life left in it and therefore the ability to forgo the hormone medication which is as much a help as a hinderance now. To be honest if the drugs worked I’d happily pop them! But alas they don’t and I need to find some kind of balance from which to access my baseline.

I want to find my equilibrium.

Easy it is not. Hell it often feels….

But anyway, thats a story for another day when hopefully I reach some kind of permanent conclusion and decision and the thoughts and questions swirling constantly in my mind can finally take a break…..

That would be lovely.

So, back to this story….. I have been in bed a lot lately. Struggling and going a little stir crazy. Trying to put a positive spin on it all and pretending that I am on a healing retreat in India – rather than acknowledge the true grim reality.

There is power in make-believe though and I have meditated as much as possible. From balancing my chakra’s to gentle yoga stretches and reading inspirational stories I’ve tried to immerse myself in a world of healing as much as I can.

It’s sounds quite blissful doesn’t it? It is for a few hours, but perhaps not all of the time

I’ll share a little secret… One day I dream that I will just wake up, open my eyes and BE WELL!…. Shuuusssh

So there I was attempting to be all zen and positive when I came across a little video by Guru and Spirit Junkie Gabby Bernstein on how to manifest what you want.

Interesting timing.

How to manifest what you want in your life?

Ive talked about manifesting here before (in the context of finding your soul-mates and tribe) and whilst I truly love the concept and it feeds the believer in me, I admit there is always an element of doubt and a question mark. For sure.

But even so I mostly choose to believe and if that means acting a little fluffy and dreamy who cares? I credit myself with the fact that I am still able to do this actually.

Gabby suggests that the universe has our back. Always. We can ask it for guidance and we can ask it for specific requests. We just have to be super clear is her advice.

Well, I had a lot of time on my hands in India so I gave it a go….

I put my request out there

Dear Universe,
Please can I start healing now. Please can I be well and feel strong in my body. Please can I also manifest love and a successful business…

I started big I know!

I got a little more specific

Also Universe, can I please get an article published in a major magazine, and can I get some Blog Coaching interest and if there is any room left can I also have some kind of Spa freebie/opportunity. Because I really need a spa break obviously  🙂

Right request out there. Hit SEND.


Gabby says that you need to pick a SIGN next which indicates that the universe has heard you and is working it all out for you. That basically it has your back. When you see the sign seek comfort in this knowledge and knowing.

She suggested some kind of animal as a sign?

I thought I would go with something random – because yes I was still testing the validity of this magic just a little.

So, lovely Universe, if you do hear me and if you are working for me and if you think you can can help with out with all these requests I ask you for a sign. I ask you that the sign comes in the form of a …. ladybird!

Haha. It’s mid winter here and there are no ladybirds about at all!

I didn’t chose something hard deliberately but I just felt a ladybird was right for this occasion.

Gabby said that the sign would be super clear. I wouldn’t have to seek it out. It would hit me in the face! Pow!

Then I totally forgot about it all and felt a little better just from the positive vibe of Gabby’s faith, and from the act of speaking out loud that which I desired. A great exercise in itself perhaps even without any further magic.

The very next day (with the memory erased from my mind) I went into a charity shop with my niece Amelia and she ran over to the little display of toys.

And guess what jumped right off the shelf at us?

Erm a freaking large (like a billion times bigger than life-size) cuddly toy LADYBIRD!

EEK!! I squealed.

Amelia, look its ladybird!

Suffice to say the look from a 2 year can be fairly judgemental….. Hehe crazy Aunty.

And just incase I had any lingering doubts there was a second ladybird on the shelf next to the first.

Oh My Goodness. This is beyond strange.

Do I believe in this?

Heck who know anymore? I certainly admit that some things just cannot be explained and that the world is a mysterious place. I trust in faith and vibrations and intention.

Whatever the truth and regardless of any deep contemplation on the validly of manifesting, I know I felt good when I saw those ladybirds and I know I feel cheered by the thought that the universe hears me and is speaking to me and is telling me it has my back.

Thanks Universe. Blessings Ladybirds. Grattitude Gabby for showing me the beautiful and mysterious art of how to manifest what you want, and just for sprinkling a little fairy dust into my day.

Have you given Manifesting a try? Even if you are doubtful just give it a go and get clear on what you are asking to come into your life. This alone will be rewarding, and hey, you never know you may just see your SIGN too. Let me know if anything like this has ever happened to you and join in with my giggles and madness.

WIth Love + Wishes

Carly xx

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  1. Ahhhh 🙂

    Love this little post. Often the universe talks to us, if only we are open to listen. I have no doubt those ladybirds were definitely a sign

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