I am sure you would love some more Oomph in your life too. Perhaps your Body and Mind are beyond sleepy. You have so many intentions for the day ahead. You want to get out in the glorious Autumn sunshine and meet friends. But its not possible. Once again the calling is towards Surrender and Rest and Acceptance. Always accompanied by the presence of chronic resistance and a longing towards change and a different kind of wakening. Towards Energy.

The day is set already. Out of your control. But the vibration of it can still go either way. Your choice.

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For if you break it down, it always comes back to Perception. Of course, you may (quite understandably) be desperate to work and play, but the reality which you face is happening whether you fight it or welcome it.

A day in bed to a busy single mum would be bliss. It’s all about perception isn’t it?

How willingly we would all trade places?

There has to be an element of making peace with each new day. Simply because it hurts less.

So, how do we get that longed for Oomph?

How do we find that peace again?

I say do whatever works for you. In this present moment. And if thats means breaking down and giving in to tears then go for it.  Clear it all out. Do anything but do SOMETHING – even if it is just cloud gazing up through a window. You need to feel as though you EXIST and that you are REAL everyday.

Hold on to you.

I often feel as though I am standing on the middle of a sea-saw. Balancing precariously. I wobble as it starts to tilt. Back and Forth. Where will it crash down?

Despair, Anger, Boredom and Tightness on one side.

Lightness and Freedom on the other.

There is a moment where I have to choose. Literally a clear defined moment each morning. For second I want to give in to the darkness on days when the fatigue is dominant. And I almost do.

And then…. I just don’t.

I transition my thoughts. I move gently about. Creating a distraction. Make Breakfast. Tidy the bed. Have a shower, Get dressed……And suddenly I’ve moved through IT and the sea-saw has lunged safely towards the right direction and hit solid ground.


I’m no less tired. But the fear has lifted. The dread of losing myself to all the swirling fog which could blind me if I gave it the power has evaporated.

With my endless cups of LOVE Pukka Tea I snuggle up with the sun streaming in through the open window, and my lemon oil burning restoratively, I set about listening to some spiritual and uplifting podcasts.

That is the Decision I make and the Action I take.

Here are today’s Podcast choices –

1. Melissa Ambrosini  – A motivational chat with Bhava Ram – a man who turned his life (and health) around and who credits much of it to the power of deep yoga. Im certainly ready to get my mat out after this one.

2. Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Sunday – Some inspirational lessons taught by the gentle Pema Chodron on facing and accepting our fears and being joyful. I learnt that its fine to feel anxious. You have to feel it and be with it for it to pass and for you to move forward. *Time Sensitive.

3. David Woolfe – Interviews Bruce Lipton who refreshingly lectures how our cells are massively influence by our environment. What we think and feel and the environment we host is what has the capacity to turn on genes and alter cells. We literally have the power.

And that’s how I get OOMPH into a day which lacks physical or mental energy. I choose to focus on Soul Energy instead. I change my environment and my state – as much as I can – and I get a Spiritual boost. I have to (and do) believe that all these choices do make a difference, and will make a difference, even if I cannot see or feel them so much yet. That by feeding the Soul it will eventually overspill into the Mind and the Body and create a perfect blend of pure energy in time.


Tell me what you do to change your state when you lack energy? Or do you have any favourite podcast speakers or bloggers who help you raise your soul energy? I would love to hear from you.

Love & Joy

Carly xx

*Photo by Lisa Humphries – http://www.theartofjoy.org
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5 comments on “How to get some OOMPH on a bad day”

  1. Inspiring words! I really needed some oomph today, this helped xx I like what you say about needing to feel alive. And it really is all about perception isn’t it xx

  2. Hi Rosie,
    Thanks hon. I need some oomph too. Yeah I think we really need to feel like we are ‘living’ in our own lives rather than being an extra in other peoples. Hard at times. Reminding myself to do something which connects me to my passions/interests is the easiest way I know of doing this.
    Def all about perception – and funny too how its not just how we feel in this day but how we feel because of yesterday and the day before etc. All about perception. I think we are just trying to find the best place we can each be with our individual limitations.
    Lots of love and thanks for the comment. xx

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