Have you discovered Coyo Yogurt yet? If not, and like me you tend to have to make nearly every meal from scratch, this coconut yumminess may just become your next best friend. A complete novelty to be able to walk into a shop (or click online) and grab something wholly nutritious to eat without doing any preparation. I doubt I will ever get bored of it.

Naturally Gluten, Dairy and Sugar free this is 98% coconut in a tub.

Aside from the ease, coupled with the delight of finding something soooo good for me on a shelf ready made, this product tastes good. Real good. Plus its contains lives cultures so each spoonful makes my gut happier too.

And whilst it is completely acceptable to simply grab a spoon and tuck in, or maybe slice up a bit of fruit, I have a super easy recipe for you which takes this to another level. Use it for breakfast or dessert. Pack it up for a summer picnic even. Just enjoy,


coyo yogurt



Raw Cacao Granola Part:

Either refer to my Bliss Ball recipe here (and just blend up the ingredients omitting the peppermint oil) or…

Blend together –

1 Large Tablespoon Coconut Oil (dd more if finished consistency too dry)

2 Tablespoons Raw Cacao

1 large handful Macadamia Nuts (or use any nuts)

1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract

Pinch Seasalt

1 Tablespoon Chia Seeds

2/3 Tablespoons Desiccated Coconut

1 Teaspoon Xylitol (or a sweetener of your choice. Add more if too bitter for you.)

*if consistency is too thick/dry blend a little more coconut oil. If it is too runny add more nuts and desiccated coconut. Hint, you can’t go wrong.

Pudding Part:

Spoon some Granola into a bowl

Add a large dollop of natural (or vanilla flavour) Coyo Yogurt

Top with some fresh organic Strawberries


coyo yogurt with chocolate granola and strawberries

Let me know what you think? How good is it?

Have you found any other ready-made but super healthy products on the shelf?

With Love + WishesCarly xxx

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2 comments on “Summer Delight: Chocolate Raw Granola With Coyo Yogurt And Strawberries”

  1. This looks so rich and delicious! Bright red, cream and cocoa coloured desserts always look so irresistible, and to think it’s made with coconut cream! Makes me want to eat it

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