For quite some time I had to really cut back on the Green stuff. That is so uncool isn’t it? So hippy dippy. Definitely not quite at the same level as cutting back on alcohol – but hey welcome to my world.

For, whilst the veg is obviously full of goodness, our guts need to be strong enough to cope with digesting them. If they are not problems can occur.

It is tricky this healthy eating business.

Start with building the gut first if you have any issues. And although raw is again fabulous if you can cope with it I suggest making it easy and including soups and cooked food at the start. In fact Winter is the perfect time to begin. I often ditch the Green smoothie for a soothing and warming mug of Veg & Chicken broth soup as it gets colder. Either that or I sip warm water intermittently whilst drinking my smoothie which helps the metabolism.

I do believe we should adhere to nature and the seasons as much as possible in life and whilst Summer may be all about cooling energy, Winter nourishment is a better fit for me, and may also be for those of you struggling with low metabolism too.

Assuming you are ready for the challenge I have found It exciting to ramp up the Greens by adding at least one Vegetable or Salad item to each main meal.

Easy Peasy.

I also find that psychologically if I can start the Greens at breakfast it sets a precedence and pattern for the day and it means that I am pretty full up so if there is room for treats (ALWAYS!) I wont stuff down quite so many.

The idea is not so much about deprivation and what I don’t eat now, but more about how many nutrients I can get into me each day.

Nutrient Dense is the new buzz word now. 

Although if you follow me you’ll know my philosophy on diet and how no one size fits all. Personally I love the Weston A Price attitude and benefit from grass-fed meat and wild fish. I personally don’t eat grains due to my autoimmune condition.

You find a style and fit which works for you in every area of your life.

Feel free to experiment too. No-one is going to sue you for exploring or changing your mind.

Now, I am certainly not the type of girl who could face a plate of kale and broccoli first thing in the morning. There has to be some semblance of ‘normality’ even for me.

So whilst the toast and cereal have long since been ditched. Yuk. I still need a real Breakfast and not a Dinner first thing.

My suggestions and a typical Meal Plan:


  • 2 x soft boiled organic eggs.
  • A Green Smoothie

photo 1-1

  • Meat which is leftover and already cooked OR Poached/Scrambled Egg as the base. Add in Salad such as Mixed leaves, Cucumber, Avocado, Sauerkraut, Chives, Mint, Onions or any left over Veg.
  • Cup Of Veg & Chicken Broth Soup.




  • A stir-fry of vegetables and Potatoes/Sweet Potatoes/Butternut Squash as the base. Include any Veg like, Kale, Cauli, Broccoli, Garlic, Onions, Ginger, Mushrooms, Courgettes, etc. Top with a little Meat and fresh herbs and sea-salt for flavour. I always have either Coriander, Chives or Mint in my fridge and these flavoursome beauties take away any need for commercial sauces.

photo 1-2 photo 2-2


So, there you go. Super easy ways to get Greens into every meal. And of course you can build upon this but it is a great start. I find it similar to drinking at least 2 glasses of water first thing the morning – if I have started right and have the foundations in place then it is not so terrible if I go off track a little throughout the day.

Let me know how you go, and remember when you make a meal just take a moment and add some Green and before you know it is becomes a habit.

Habit forms a lifestyle eventually 🙂


Love Carly xx

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