It may be summer but I still instinctively prefer a warm Paleo salad over a completely raw version. It’s easier to digest lightly steamed food for a start whilst still retaining all the goodness. Warm food is especially healing for those with thyroid or sluggish metabolisms as it means the body has less work to do and retains its internal heat further.

I find a salad so easy to throw together, with some left over meat protein from the evening before. It takes about 5 minutes to produce a delicious lunch.


Warm Summer Chicken, Broccoli & Vine Tomato Paleo Salad

a warm summer paleo salad



Cut a handful of broccoli into tiny chunks and lightly steam for a couple of minutes.

Add 6 sliced vine tomatoes and a large handful of watercress into the steamer and continue to steam for a further few minutes until warm and slightly soft.

Take off heat and drizzle in a tablespoon of olive oil, a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and a pinch of seasalt. Toss it all together lightly.

Dice 1/2 of an apple and 1/4 of avocado and add to the warm salad. 

Place on a plate with pre cooked chicken wing (or meat of your choice.)

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2 comments on “A Summer Chicken, Broccoli & Vine Tomato Warm Paleo Salad”

  1. Mmmmm I love the sound of this!! Definitely going to try. I instinctively am not liking raw salads at the moment (for thyroid reasons probably!) so this sounds perfect.


    Thanks for sharing Carly xx

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