Living Libations skincare is a truly genius holistic beauty brand. It is about as natural as it gets, which fits very well with my desire to (now) only apply products onto the skin which I would feel safe eating.

Warning: The above starts to happen when you follow the research, and realise the significance of cleaning up our environment. Plus, when you realise that the natural product alternatives are genuinely amazing

living libations skincare review


After playing a round for a while I have simplified my facial routine down to just 2 or 3 products. The new year is signalling a shift ‘to simplify’ for me. For quality over quantity.

My Routine:
  1. To cleanse and remove makeup I alternate between using a basic raw organic coconut oil and Living Libations Best Skin Ever oil. Both smell divine, but the latter definitely feels more luxurious and nourishing. I tend to need it in the winter. I squirt 2 sprays of the oil on to a wet washcloth and gently rub in circular motions over my skin. This will also exfoliate. It can be washed off or left on. At night I leave it on for extra moisture.
  2. After the cleanse I will either apply a little more of the same Living Libations oil as my moisturiser, or switch to their Rose Glow Cream, which is more creamy and equally as gorgeous. I find the cream better as a makeup base as it is matte. The scent of the cream transports me to a garden of spring rose for it does feel like nature in a pot. A beautiful pot at at that, as Living Libations products are aesthetically stunning too.
  3. I will then use either of the above same products to pat around the delicate eye before bed.

And thats it. These products are so perfect that there isn’t need to use anything else. I find my skin actually responds best to a simple routine, although I may well add the rose serum occasionally to the cream if my skin begins to become too dry during the winter months.

Whilst these products are not cheap, they are worth it in terms of results and how long they last. You really do only need a dab.

I made the gentle switch over to completely natural products (because many do still contain a few chemicals even when advertised as being pure) somewhere along my wellbeing journey, and it has been a gradual but enlightening process. It amazes me how we are aware of the concept of applying a drug or substance through the skin to make it fast acting and extra powerful, yet we don’t apply this same logic to the chemicals found within commercial beauty products?

Think about it….

The bottom line is that our skin absorbs things direct into the blood stream. And beauty products are loaded with nasty chemicals going right into us. Often, we consider what we eat, but we forget this angle?

Maybe we think it is too much of a compromise? And sometimes I agree that it can be. But the world of natural beauty has come a long way in recent years and now, hand on heart, I would argue that the best brands easily trump the mainstream brands now. They have for me no doubt.

After much research (and fun) I have narrowed down my absolute favourite and genuinely natural brand which provides results, and for me Living libations wins. I can just feel the love which went into the creation.

My ‘runner up’ awards would next go to RMS Beauty and Anne Marie Gianni, and unless I play around with making my own organic skincare I don’t stray from these brands.

The story behind Living Libations skincare is fascinating and inspiring. Nadine (the founder) set about creating products she herself desired, and from here the concept (and brand) has grown massively. But at heart it remains honest, authentic and also highly educational -especially on the benefits and use of pure grade essential oils within skincare.

If you fancy trying them out and are UK based click HERE. This store also sell a whole range of hard-to-find health and beauty products.

Love + WishesCarlyxxx


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