I never thought I would want to give up delicious Gluten Free and Dairy Free Cookies.

Erm… No way!

But things change as they say…. EEK.

enjoy gluten free and dairy free cookies

A couple of years ago I really stepped up the intensity and depth of my healing measures. And more recently made a complete oath and commitment towards food as medicine and lifestyle methods to heal further.

Basically because my health demands it.

That promise has been one which has had to grow and evolve at its own pace. From an initial resolution and many changes implemented, the path has naturally got deeper, more interesting, informative and incredible, the further I walked.

There is no turning back….

For when you take the first step you don’t need to know where you will end up. You just need the will to start and the courage to see where it leads.

Where I am now is not where I was 2 years ago, and certainly not where I was 10 years ago. Back then, yes, I was already experimenting with Gluten Free and Dairy Free options, however, the food philosopy which has since adopted me is now a world apart.

I realise I have stepped up another level… without trying and without even the intention to do so.

These things just happen and flow when you are on the right path.

Funny how you can only truly realise that WHEN it happens to you.

There seems to be stages we go through when adopting a better diet and at first perhaps we simply make a switch to alternative versions of the same food. Then maybe we realise these things still contain a whole heap of sugar and nasty stuff and perhaps we start playing in the kitchen a little more.

As your love of food develops, and as your understanding of food as medicine increases, everything starts to spin a little crazy….. until you eventually reach a better way and a level of peace….and awe with it all.

You develop a new Food Philosophy entirely. It alters everything and it exists at a much higher vibrational frequency.

Food becomes so much more. It becomes our lifeblood. Our substance.

We eat inutitively and with gratitude and respect. We taste more. We chew more. We feel more. The respect for the animals, the land and nature hits us out of nowhere. We see the whole picture. The circle of life and the awesomeness of this planet. Food connects us to everything.

Wow. Sometimes I wonder where all these thoughts and feelings come from?

And it is here (at this moment) that we realise we are evolving once again…..

Climbing an invisible staircase towards a destination we are unsure of, yet know instinctively  of its truth and love and rightness.

Today my attitude towards food is deep and rewarding. A beautiful nourishing ritual to take delight in.

The intelligence of real wild food fascinating. 

And that is why (without trying) I no longer see home-baked cookies as a real food option for me. Dont get me wrong I ate them happily until now and that was perfect. I didn’t plan to cut them out. My intuition just made it clear to me that I have better options which I enjoy just as much – perhaps more so.

Much like when I gave up Cadburys chocolate – I knew it still tasted good – but there was something bitter about the experience which had nothing to do with the ingredients.

It is simply time to take another step forward.

Its important to remember not to skip ahead though. To learn from each step you take on your own unique path. Every footprint is valuable. The process unfolding as it should for you. It is honestly quite mind-blowing to document my own path. I never foresaw most of it.

Ive learnt to research and know my direction but to let nature and something higher lead the way and teach me. To be open to changes and growth. It’s liberating. It’s scary. It’s real.

For me, right now, when I am at home (in an environment I can control) I want to make sure that everything I eat is nourishing me and providing me with as many nutrients as possible. I no longer just want to avoid the rubbish. I want to only eat the really good stuff.

Does this food nourish me?

Yes or No?

Does it feel right. Do I really want it?

Intuitive eating is where I am at.

Please again remember that you may be at an entrely different stage to me, or that your intuition may be saying something completely different to mine. Fantastic. Listen to it. Forge your own healing path and trust in your own footprints.

Of course, it’s always beneficial to follow some guides and get some help to lay foundations, but prioritise listening to your own inner wise guru.

And if you feel called to eat some of these said mentioned Chocolate Chip Cookies I encourage you to enjoy every delicious morsel knowing that they contain no rubbish and are a beautiful treat.

gluten free and dairy free and sugar free cookies

Much like a a bar of Dairy Milk no longer holds any power over me (and I was the Dairy Milk Queen!) these cookies have just suddenly lost their pull too…. That’s all.

Maybe I will indulge in them again from time to time, and certainly when I go out and I am at a coffee shop with a friend I will excitedly still share a Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie, even though I know it has some sugar in it. I will savour every morsel because it is a rare treat and more importantly because the experience and connection of having fun with a friend is what will be lifting my vibration here.

My intuition will be shouting YES to this experience.

How about you? Have you developed your intuition around food in particular? I would love to hear what works for you and whether this has evolved naturally over time?

Let me know in the comments below. You may also like to grab a FREE copy of my Gluten + Dairy + Sugar Free Desserts & Snacks Recipe Book here.

With Love

Carly xx

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7 comments on “My New Food philosophy may mean giving up Gluten Free and Dairy Free cookies for good!”

  1. It’s all an evolution really, hey? Such an adventure, such a journey, and it sounds like you’re well on the right path if you’re following your intuition babe! I’ve had the same thing happen in my diet and lifestyle.. things I used to always need, sometimes as a crutch, eventually fall away. Sometimes to be replaced with something new, and often times simply because it is no longer necessary. All in good time, hey? Go you lovely thing! xoxox

    • Yes exactly. I admit I wish I could see some benefit health wise as struggling a lot – esp for all I do. But yes a very interesting journey once you start 😉 It’s all an evolution just as you say. Thanks lovely xxx

  2. Wow I just wish I felt capable of the same, I am happy when I eat nutritious food but frequent sugar cravings are ruining my efforts. Saying that I could never go back to a diet full of gluten, dairy and processed food, it’s definitely evolved! Xx

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