Ive written before about how our environment and the space we inhabit can influence and positively affect our mood and wellbeing.

A beautiful space invokes a beautiful mood.

Remember that feeling when you turn the key and slowly open a never before been to hotel room?….. The anticipation turning to pure joy as you take in your new temporary stunning home.  Dreaming of the things you could do here – the person you can be.

Good design invokes our creativity and passion.

A similar emotion bubbles up when you step into your favourite spa. That blissful vibe transcending immediately. You smile. You breathe. You relax.

A seductively designed space has power. For me, if my space is in order I feel more in control and peaceful. If my space is pretty and zen it aids my lifestyle practices. Meditating or practising yoga in a calming environment adds another element entirely. It simply sets you up nicely.

One of my favourite rooms to really relax and chill out in is my bathroom. I am a big fan of taking time to soak (and hide) in a hot bath tub. If I really want the experience to be special I will light a couple of organic vanilla candles, dim the lights and shut my eyes. Sometimes I even take a soothing cup of lemon tea, a square (or 2) of luxurious dark chocolate and a good book in with me. Im lost for hours in this happy place.

Actually the ritual itself of having a bath could almost be described as part of my healing plan and Ive written often about how a ritual can become an act of meditation. I use a bath ball water filter in order that as many chemicals and nasties are removed as possible (because although many people have drinking water filters they don’t always realise that we can actually inhale as many chemicals as we drink through the steam.)

Next I carefully select which essential oil blend I want to use – usually lavender for its relaxation properties – and pour a few drops in. Adding a cup of magnesium flakes is the final step, especially if I am bathing right before bed as magnesium allows our muscles (and mind) to get sleepy and prepare for nourishing sleep.

Having taken the time to prepare my bath the experience is so much deeper and I can truly revel in the luxurious moment

Having a beautifully designed bathroom takes it all up another notch entirely too. We don’t all have the space or means to create the perfect bathroom but I often enjoy visualising my own perfect bathroom ideas. I love this site for design browsing HERE.

To dream is to be inspired after all.

Have a go yourself tonight. Create yourself a beautiful bath ritual then indulge in some conscious dreaming….. What does your perfect bathroom look like?

For me, I adore the idea of a bath with a view…

River Ranch Residence: Country Bathroom by Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

With perhaps a slightly shabby-chic element…
Taylors Etc Client Bathrooms : Country Bathroom by Taylors Etc

Although, just for fun how cool are these bathroom ideas?

The Broadway, SW19—Extension & Bathroom Renovation: Classic Bathroom by Grand Design London Ltd(Extension & Bathroom Renovation by Grand Design London Ltd)

I think that I could happily live in any of the above to be honest, and cannot even begin to choose my absolute favourite. Do you have one? I would love to hear your bathroom ideas and favourites?

We are actually in the process of renovating my own very small home bathroom at the moment so after browsing these bathroom ideas I am feeling incredibly excited. I’ll do an update when my own bathroom is complete but I think I’m going to delight in the vision board and photo swooning stage (as I did with my ebook designing process) for a while longer first …..Love + WishesCarlyxxx

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