I had the good fortune of coming across Roz – the Founder of a brand new Raw & Healthy Chocolate Brand – Decadently Pure. And the even better good fortune of being sent a few samples to try.

A Raw Chocolate bar

I was interested to learn that Roz also suffered from CFS when she was younger and it’s lovely to hear how well she is doing now and how she is investing in a business she loves and pursuing a purpose filled life with her family.

The box (which arrived in the post) smelt delicious even before I had opened it. I am sure the postman hesitated slightly before handing it over. The heedy scents of cocoa beans and vanilla permeating through.

In fact the aroma is as powerful as the taste. Almost like organic essential oils. You can tell instantly that the ingredients are of the highest quality.

Very decadent indeed.

On closer inspection it reminded me of the good old Cadbury days. And the shiny purple wrapping only intensified that memory further.

I just knew this was going to taste good.

From the first bite the flavours hit the exact right spot. Delicate yet strong. All the flavours have the same essence and foundational taste – with a slightly different tang as a top note depending on your choice of bar.

A Raw Chocolate Taste Explosion.

My favourite bar was probably the plain Vanilla Dark but that is likely because I have got so used to my 85% dark chocolate now and anything less tastes very sweet to me. The others were a very close second though and consisted of

Salted Caramel Pecan, Berry Dark and Zinger Orange.

A raw chocolate bar

I love that these bars are organic, pure and raw. The ingredients are good for you and even the sweetener used is coconut sugar rather than a refined version. You just know that these bars are made with love and TLC. It oozes from them in every way.

Delicious as a healthy treat or perfect as a gift there is something so indulgent about this brand. Perfectly suited to a cold Winter evening with candles lit and taking a moment to savour it all.

To read more about the brand, support a great venture, and to place an order please go to  http://www.decadentlypure.co.uk

A Raw Chocolate Bar

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