With a new Year beginning to settle I wonder how many of us are still clinging desperately to the intentions we made just a couple of short weeks ago?

Did you give up the chocolate? And are you feeling happy with the decision?


My first food coaching experience

I don’t believe in denying ourselves. What I do believe in is pursuing a dedicated and empowering practice which evolves naturally until we quite simply adore it. Until we wholeheartedly embrace it for all that we know it is and all that it is doing for us. Until it becomes a part of who we are and more importantly, what we do.

This is not denial. This is choice my friends.

A choice to live life how we wish.

I have had the pleasure of casually coaching a couple of friends who wanted help transitioning into a healthy eating plan recently. They were super keen and dedicated. I knew they would be A * students willing to do their own research and learn from my lifestyle.

A passion to uncover all that we could and should be without the chemicals and the crap.

I had no plan for this. They approached me with questions and created a private online (interactive) group for the 3 of us.  My intention to simply share with them all that which I do and then to let them make their own decision. No rules just health information.

No judgement from me… And yes Jen you have my full support to let your hair down and drink a few glasses of (preferably organic red) wine on your upcoming girl’s weekend. You deserve it and true health is as much about fun and joy as anything else.

Do what resonates with you at each point in time.

Maybe next year you’ll be on the soda water. Maybe not. No biggie either way in the context of making a million other small but powerful changes.

Liberating. Exciting. Let’s see where this takes you.

I already sense the magic in the air.

A place where truth and knowledge collide with action and commitment.

Alchemy at its best.

Honoured to be the catalyst and inspiration for their growth. I want them to feel better and see results…..more so than my own journey….. and to continue with the path as it suits them and as it works for them. Or not.

To listen to their intuition once they have a structure and plan to initiate proceedings from. Certainly they tell me that there is a need for a basic guide to start things from. A plan to follow and adapt accordingly to begin with in order to then allow your innate wisdom to gently flourish and grow in confidence.

A support network to motivate, encourage and guide.

It will be exciting to see the results they obtain from their starting point.

Their enthusiasm has been infectious. Their encouragement for me to write this up into a project or a book totally inspiring and supportive. Their praise has felt delicious.

My reward – that warm fuzzy feeling you get inside when you give to others from a place of love and good intention.

Question which have amused me greatly. I’ve merrily teased them with the prospect of fermented food, coconut oil as skincare, and ‘no poo’ hair methods to come.


Between us we call it the ‘Clean Living to Glow Project’ and my A* student already has a shiny new notebook where she neatly writes up all the information. Embracing the need for order. Making me giggle as only she can.

I’ve overloaded them with tips and they keep coming at me for more. Managing to implement major changes (which took me years) in a matter of weeks.

I am impressed and I will keep you updated with their progress.

And so will I train to become a coach later on?

Probably not? I feel I am my own researcher and my own best doctor at this point. Life is my teacher. I’m happy to share all I learn and help others though. We will see which medium that works out best to impart the wisdom as time goes by…and as energy levels determine. I certainly feel the tug of a writing a book at the moment in my soul.

One tip which I have found particularly useful to pass on when transitioning over from junk food is to eat a lot more fat! Honestly as Jen and M will attest – it fills you up so that you dont even desire the sugar anymore.

And for the phycological aspect of eating – of desiring and anticipating that glass of wine or slice of cake in the evening – replace it with a new routine. I suggest 20 minutes of pure indulgence.

  • Set the scene and create a beautiful space with a cosy blanket and fluffy slippers. A vanilla candle lit.
  • Make Tea your new cake/wine.
  • Experiment with beautiful organic herbal favours. Lemon, Ginger and Honey is my current favourite.
  • Always use a beautiful cup and saucer to drink from.

Look forward to this ritual each day. Embrace this time for yourself and make this moment count. See this as your treat. Oh and feel free to add a square or 2 or the real 85% dark chocolate ( or my super easy Raw Choc Recipe) in too as needed.

I would love to know if you feel drawn towards a new lifestyle where indulgence and self-love are the priority. A desire to Glow from the inside out. Where you care what you eat and where food becomes your own perfect medicine? Perhaps it will clear up your skin, or help your hormones or fatigue? Who knows. The possibilities are immense if you try.

Who is with me?

Or who is already on this path working harder than anyone realises with a resolute strength of character despite perhaps not seeing the results they deserve yet? Stay with it and know I am with you too. Let’s support each other.

With love

Carly x

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