To teach yoga to calm down the central nervous system…. and allow proper deep healing to take place.

Listening to Fiona’s introductory words (and her concept of Yoga for CFS) I simply know that her new yoga series is going to be right for me. That this won’t be too much.

Think of this practice as something which is helping you heal and restore.

Yoga and Meditation have long been a part of my healing journey ( you can read more HERE and HERE) and therefore being asked to review Fiona Agombar’s latest offering is a pleasure. Infact her original dvd was my first exposure to yoga for CFS at a time when I had little awarenesss of the mind/body link, and had naively assumed that yoga was exclusively for the fit and bendy.

How wrong was I?

Yoga is meditation. Meditation can be yoga, It is all intertwined and it is a practice which can be as slow and peaceful as you wish. There is no competition – just a journey with oneself. Fiona taught me this.

As I work through these modules, one at a time, I am soothed by the light stretches and deep relaxation. I often crave the need for movement – despite feeling unable to physically do much – and this is where a gentle yoga practice allows me to find fulfilment. This collection of videos is gentle and realistic. It is a place to begin. A place to come back to.  So far I have only embraced 1 module (the gentle stretch practice) and I genuinely love it. I feel like it perfectly supports  a gentle home practice which I can build upon.

As I move first my legs and then my arms, as my tight hips stretch and my back softens, I go a little deeper within.

Mind and body begin to merge and the lines separating them divide.

Just observing….Just melting…

It hits me suddenly that yoga is a journey much like any (and every) other. Yes, you may still feel the tension and the pain and the fatigue – but you move anyway. Not pushing. Just inching forwards. Pulling back where necessary and beginning again. Yoga, much like recovery, is simply about finding peace with our insecurities and physical limitations. To feel them. To acknowledge them – but somehow to move past them into another space. To connect to the soul.

As I roll up my mat I smile. Smug even. Glad as always that I committed to this practice. This time. This space.

I particularly love the alternate nostril breathing taught at the end of the stretches. So simple. So restorative. Breathing in on a count of 4. Breathing out on a count of 6. Its not natural for me but it gently reminds me to try.

The more subtle yoga tools are the most powerful ones.
Releasing knots and allowing pranayama to come in…

If you would like access to this 7 module series of Yoga for CFS, Stress and Burnout it is hosted on the Conscious 2 platform as a monthly membership scheme (this is worth checking out in its own right.) Please check out this link and let me know how yoga is helping you?

Love + WishesCarlyxxx



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