I really enjoyed this thought provoking interview with DR Dan Kalish from http://www.kalishwellness.com. To be honest a title like the above could potentially have me wondering if I am going to be left feeling a little frustrated after hearing….. Sure, I fully believe in Spiritual healing but I also know from experience that it isn’t the only component needed to recover from chronic illness, and that very often we still need some real physical help.

I didn’t need to worry because I truly LOVED this interview (so much so I listened to it twice) because Dr Dan endorses a combined treatment approach and his philosophy is one I feel comfortable and inspired by………


Lets get started

Dr Dan initially spoke a lot about the need to see the bigger picture and resolve underlying issues for those who suffer from Thyroid Disease.  He covered a lot of basics including the relevance of the home temperature test to indicate thyroid function. But, what really got me fired up and intrigued was when he passionately delved into the arena of spirituality and its link with illness.

We need to reduce stress was the leading statement.

Emotional stressors are just one part of this. Throughout a person’s life there are plenty of emotional stressors and these are hugely linked to the onset of an illness/disease. In fact in nearly every case the disease will be triggered at a time of stress. Fact. Environment plays a role.

“There is always an emotional component if you look back at what was going on when it started.”

Dr Kalish believes that every disease has a spiritual component or foundation in terms of why is THIS happenning to YOU.  

He goes on to express admiration for those people who are the sickest as these actually tend to be the ones who are the most resilient in terms of spirituality and in the power to heal. For them to maintain this focus when they are struggling so much is praiseworthy because it is harder to be spiritual when you are unwell and life is tough. People are tested.

The Chakra system explains things further.

There are 7 Chakras in the body which all need to be balanced for ultimate health. The Throat Chakra is the 5th Chakra and is the colour Blue. This Chakra encompasses the thyroid gland.

So, what does it mean when you have a problem in this area on a spiritual and energetic level?

The answers lies in Communication. Maybe you don’t feel able to express yourself verbally or speak your truth about something? Maybe you never really get to say what is on your mind? Do you fear the reaction or worry you will cause hurt? This particular energy centre needs to be opened up in order for the thyroid gland to heal.

Is this resonating with you?

The fine art of effective communication may need to be effectively learnt. Finding a way to express your thoughts gently without attack and guilt so that your words are received well may be the key.

It is certainly not as simple as suggesting that we all developed a Thyroid Disease because we felt unable to communicate effectively and be heard. BUT part of the healing process does involve activating these energies.

You can’t heal the thyroid gland without also working on the energetic component. These things are intimately linked together.

DR Kalish relates a story about a meeting he attended many years ago with senior and leading practitioners. He observed such a interesting exchange that it set his path and his current way of thinking.

Each practitioner (after 30 years or so experience)  described to the group how the primary work that they were doing was actually spiritual or emotional healing with their patients. “You could go to the dentist” says Dr Dan, “who then removes the mercury filling but whats really happening on a deeper level is an energy connection and spiritual healing.”

People dont talk about this but If you want to heal your body you have to deal with the emotional and spiritual component of the disease process.

He stresses the importance of this truth not then becoming somewhat of a ‘blame game’. It isn’t anyones fault (or your fault) why you got sick. Just that deeper levels of healing have to include emotional and spiritual spiritual growth once you are. There is more to it than just recovering on one level.

Practice literally softening your throat (and your thyroid) to release tension when you have something important to say.

Dr Dan’s approach is that we certainly need a platform for physical health where we do the fundamental testing and are prescribed the appropriate hormones and supplements to feel better and get things working. We ultimately must fix the physical problem as the first crucial step because it is very hard for an exhausted patient to focus on a spiritual path when they are so drained. But you do this first step and incorporate the science in order to then have spiritual and emotional growth.

The physical work is the platform from which to begin. 

He discusses the importance of Meditation. Or finding a path which helps your energy flow.  Seeking an enlightened mentor is also a great idea and looking up *Chakra work.

The mind chatter isn’t the point. There is a deeper reality which we cant see.

If you fix the thyroid gland and stop there you can invariably reach a plateaux and often Dr Dan sees patients a couple of years later who have sunk back. He repeats that If you get to a good level of health and energy then you must go further – use exercise and spiritual growth to increase your energetic field so you don’t slip back.

Once on healthy physical plain you need to take next step and find deeper meaning to grow and evolve. To truly live fully and vibrantly.

Another point he noted was that the Liver can often be related and a lot of our anger and frustration is stored in this organ. He described how many patients feel anger or feel emotional when he works with them. He believes that emotions get blocked and held and they need to be released. This can be something as trivial and simple as a normal (bad) childhood experience where you may have been told off. As we begin to heal these emotions can start to literally unblock and come out.

Stored emotions have a negative physical effect and people who have healed their Thyroid are able to express themselves much clearer.

Dr Dan recommends reading ‘The power of Now- Eckart Toile’ to understand more about spirituality in a non-religious and contemporary way.

* I highly rate this Chakra Mediation by Belinda Davidson which guides you through a practice to balance your Chakras.


So, any thoughts? Are you feeling like this resonates with you at all? Maybe it even feels a little uncomfortable? For me, I do feel open minded enough to accept there may be a truth to it all and honestly there is an element of that being slightly unsettling. Perhaps I do need to express myself more and increase my confidence and belief that people want to hear what I have to say. That my words are valuable. I believe there are many reasons why one gets sick but it is interesting to wonder why this comes out in certain specific ways? Why we have a ‘weak area’ so to speak?

I personally believe that the answer lies in a combination of both genetics and perhaps personality/belief. For me it is just an interesting angle to be open minded about as part of a integrated healing plan. I think the view that sits most comfortably with myself is that being spiritually healthy is about being more ‘vibrant’ than just being ‘well’. I already combine a spiritual practice alongside physical healing methods, but possibly I also need to address this Chakra component and explore this further too. Perfect that unique blend of Mind, Body and Soul.

Perhaps I have already begun to do so? 

Its a little like the chicken and the egg – does a healed Thyroid allow you to automatically express yourself more, or does the art of Communication potentially help heal a Thyroid. Maybe the answer is actually that both are true. Ultimately the main message I have taken from this interview is that crucially we need to find a way to physically get well (and many of us have more than 1 thing to recover from) as the initial priority. But then we need to become spiritually aware and work from here to thrive, live brightly, and remain well.

How are you feeling lovely? Do you agree? Leave me a comment.

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8 comments on “The Thyroid Sessions: Dr Dan Kalish – The Spiritual Approach to Healing your Thyroid”

  1. Hi. I agree 100% that emotional stress is a huge component of healing. Without the holistic approach you will struggle to heal. It feels like you have written this post just for me!! I was diagnosed with Hashimotos about 10 years and did a lot of holistic healing to manage my thyroid. I managed my thyroid without thyroxine or other stuff I didn’t want to take. What I haven’t done though is integrate fully and obviously have more work to do as my most recent blood test has come back unacceptable. Thank you for sharing and re confirming what I already believe.

    On another note Inna Segal is another amazing healer I have worked with in order to release negative emotions.

    High fives to holistic healing. X

    • HI Sharon,

      Thanks for the comment. So glad you enjoyed it and that it resonated with you. Good luck with the rest of your Thyroid journey.

      With Love
      Carly xx

  2. Thank you so much for this post Carly. After having thyroid cancer and Hashimoto’s I have had to delve pretty deep to see if there was “another” side to these physical ailments…and I completely resonate with all that you have written. Communication (or lack thereof) has been a big one for me. I have found in working to heal this from both an energetic/spiritual side as well as physical side to be what is helping the most. I’m off to check out Kalish’s website – so thank you for pointing me in this direction. xox

    • Hi Jenny,
      Thanks for the reply lovely. That is great to hear – working from a combined holistic approach has to be best. Can I ask what whether you have any specific energetic/spiritual treatments? I am thinking of getting back into Reiki sessions at the moment as I feel I need more ‘healing’ or ‘energetic’ support alongside everything else. Take care xx

  3. Thank you for sharing this information. I agree, it is so important to understand and work to heal emotional components of illness. It’s far from easy work though.

    I am a yoga teacher and I just wanted to point out that the thyroid is the 5th chakra, not the 4th, that would be the heart. Something that has brought me healing (through yoga) is chanting. Chanting or singing (I use yogic mantras) brings vibration and therefore bloodflow and healing to the thyroid. It also slows the breath rate and dilates blood vessels, increasing the relaxation state. Goodness knows when you have chronic illness, relaxation and meditation are a godsend.

    You can choose mantras related to the 5th chakra if you like. I do Kundalini yoga and have found it to be very powerful. But any kind of singing or chanting will work.

    Best of luck to you on you healing journey. Your blog is lovely. Thank you.

    • Hi Erin,
      Thanks so much for your comment and for the Chakra Info – Ive amended the typo now 🙂
      Yes, I have one yoga practice which involves chanting. At first I thought it was a little ‘odd’ but it definitely does induce a higher level of relaxation. Great to hear how it relates to thyroid healing too. I am going to explore this further 🙂 Many thanks again for your kind words. Love Carly xx

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