*As a blogger I have a template (or vibe) which I like to remain faithful to for all my posts. My intention will always be Wellbeing and Inspiration at its heart. 
I am learning and evolving as I go along and am starting to build up regular Blogging Features. Some are lighthearted and fluffy, some educational and deep. A blend of Mind, Body & Soul at the core of everything.
This feature allows me to be a little fun – which I advocate as a crucial part of my ‘Well-being Blend’. It allows me to get excited (in a girly high-pitched way) when I trial new organic products or read a shiny new book. I also get to review educational material for you and to proclaim loud admiration for my Inspiring Mentors. And then I can additionally throw in anything which has made me smile. 

I hope you enjoy this regular monthly feature of Things I am Loving. These ‘things’ are chosen with great care, for as people who know me will know, I can be a little ‘fussy’ and I definitely appreciate quality and authenticity. I have hand picked lovingly.

1. Daffodils


I just love flowers. They sum up ‘natural beauty’ for me. Nature’s colours can never be beaten. If you ever agonise over whether an outfit choice clashes with a handbag then just see if nature has replicated it anywhere?

Daffodils represent Spring. The start of the warmer weather and the anticipation of long summer days ahead. They bring hope and joy and literally pop up just when you think that Winter is going to last forever. These are probably the last Daffs I will buy this year as they have done their job of transitioning us into Spring very nicely.

2 & 3. Organic Argan oil & Mineral Foundation

Image 2

Ooh Makeup and Skincare – 2 of my favourite things ever. I just love beauty products. Who doesn’t? What can beat a lovely soak in the bath testing out a new product? Or playing with your new makeup before an evening out?

Girly Heaven 🙂

Since I embraced my own healing journey I have become very mindful of not only what I put ‘in’ my body but also what I put ‘on’ it. We absorb a lot of chemicals through our skin so this is something to consider as so many of the common beauty products contain a shocking array of nasty chemicals. Yuk.

I adore products which are organic and natural and which go the extra length to be ‘pure’. There are more and more brands springing up which is very exciting and most are extremely ethical in their entire philosophy.

Jane Iredale is a staple of mine. I try other foundation and I go back to this one! I use Satin colour and it adapts to suit both my winter and summer skin tone. I have fairly dry and sensitive skin and this doesn’t ever cake. It provides almost flawless coverage and a dewy look as well as the added bonus of a strong natural SPF protecter.

Jilali Argan Oil Uk is a new brand I am just trying out and I have to say I love it already. It is very pure and 100% natural and organic Argan oil. It make my skin soft and smooth and I feel ‘goodness’ is just getting in! I love a lot of Argan oil brands and for me the important factor is the source and the quality. This one is probably my favourite so far and I use it as a face moisturiser, hair serum/heat protectant and nail oil.

4 & 5. Book Reviews:

The Wahls Protocol – How I beat Progressive MS using Paleo principles and Functional Medicine.

Image 1

This hardback book and ebook version is truly inspirational and fills you with hope and admiration. I am only halfway through it but the autobiographical story is written by Terry Wahl who is a sufferer of MS. Through extensive research into a highly nourishing diet plan and functional medicine Dr Wahl went from being in wheelchair to riding a bike once again. Her journey is incredible and reinforces the belief that diet can be a powerful medicine. She advocates her protocol as a radical new way to treat ALL chronic autoimmune diseases.

The Accident – C L Taylor

c L Taylor the accident

I knew I would be hooked on the phycological Thriller the moment I heard the lovely author Cally do a mini talk at a recent literary lunch. A book I may have swept pass in the shop (because who know which ones will be good just from a cover?) I was drawn in by the twisted plot……The book itself is just as good as I anticipated, and taking a break from ‘health/healing books’ to simply read for pleasure outside in the sunshine with a cup of peppermint tea has been full of fun 🙂

6. The ‘Blog eyed and Blog hearted’ online Blogger Course created by Rachel MacDonald

Freelance Photographer - Hannah Millerick of Rachel Macdonald

Last but by no means least! Oh my goodness I cannot say enough good things about this incredible course and the lovely Rach! She has created not only superbly excellent content but a beautiful community of like-minded souls who can (and do) encourage and support one another on their Blogging journeys. I am learning so much and I am making sweet friendships along the way. If you have blogging aspirations and you get the opportunity to sign up for this course go for it! Best decision I have made this year for sure 🙂     Find details and Rach’s amazing blog here.

And so that wraps up April so far….. I will leave you with a quote of the month:

“A friend is a gift you give yourself.” (Robert Louis Stevenson)

Let me know what your favourite things are? Or have you been inspired to try any of mine? Love to hear from you as always in the comment box below. And if you like what I write I would be honoured if you took a moment to sign up to the newsletter box too and/or liked my FB page. Many thanks xxx

*I have not been sponsored by any of these products/brands. However, I will always be honest will you and if you click on my Book shop page (only) I do receive a very small affiliate payment. I only EVER recommend a product I love though ALWAYS.






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