Regardless of whether you own (or rent) a house or flat, or whether you live with your parents, or maybe flat-share, hopefully there is a Space which you can call your own? A Space which (however small) is entirely yours to call HOME and put your beautiful stamp on?

how your space affects and reflects your life

But does your space REFLECT your life?

Are you aware that your space also AFFECTS your life?

Do you feel at home in your space?

A Bedroom, an Office or even a Desk or a Corner, its important to have a soulful part of yourself imprinted somewhere physical and solid. This private haven (although you may not realise it) is intricately synchronised with YOU. It represents you, it tells a story about you but more significantly it AFFECTS you and influences how you think and feel on many levels.

If you are a sensitive or intuitive person you will probably already have experienced times when you have FELT the energy of a room or a space. Be it good or bad. Fearful or joyful. Energy hangs around in every crevice. Its essence powerfully seeps into the very bones of you, and without thought or logic you KNOW if this space is going to be nurturing or drowning. 

You know if it aligns with your soul.

Often a space will be ‘neutral’ and you will create a vibe yourself with your unique personality. At other times the space already has its own aura and it is up to you to decide if this resonates with you, but either way when the environment does becomes YOURS a part of YOU will naturally become imprinted and your own energy is released to mingle and drift until it shines the brightest.

For now you truly own this sanctuary.

Can you picture your own haven? Pick a room which you love best. How does it look? How does it make you feel?

Does it represent your personality and make you feel truly at ease?

If you have not spent much time and love creating your own sanctuary I suggest it would be a lovely healing and therapeutic thing to do. Choose a palette which appeals to your nature. Source items which sing to your heart. Put some flowers in a beautiful vase. Line up your classic books and let the stories flow and whirl from the shelf. Their energy mixing with yours to create a beautiful authentic blend. 

Create a Den and nestle in. Shut your eyes and snuggle.

And whether your personality is messy and chaotic or serene and peaceful, your space not only should reflect you but it should also create the foundation for how you WANT your life to look.

So, by all means embrace the free spirit within you BUT make your space soothing. Choose artwork and furniture that reflects the chaos and fun if that helps, but do tidy up and de-clutter your living space.


Because quite simply your space affects your life and you lovely.

If your environment is cluttered and disorganised you are going to feel this way too. If there is mess everywhere your own life is going to feel unbalanced and without sense or productivity.

Try it and see.

Tidy up. Throw away stuff. Make room.

I initiate a Spring Clean once a year. It takes me days! But when I have finished and I look at the sacks of clothes and junk to go, I feel a huge sense of relief at the energy I have cleared. I see in it the room itself and I FEEL it inside myself. I am letting the universe know that I am ready for something new. I literally have the room for it.  I have refreshingly cleared the old to make way for the vibrant shiny new.

The energy shifts upwards……

My sanctuary now oozes Encouragement, Motivation and Zen. Letting the dust out has been like opening a window to sweet clean air. I feel inspired and creative.

Let’s all respect our environment enough to allow it to whisper sweet nothings in our ears.

 I LOVE my space so much. It represents me. I own it. I am it and it is me. From my carefully selected treasures, to photographs of my niece, and white organic candles; my energy breathes in this room – with or without me being physically present.

It’s important to pick your colours wisely too. As I look around I notice that my ‘feature’ colour is green – a colour funnily enough I would never have consciously chose but which over the years Ive been drawn to more and more….

And guess what Green represents folks? ….. WELLBEING


My sub-conscious knew what it was doing. My space breathes a perfect aura for me. It genuinely reflects me and it positively affects me.

Is your own room a perfect sanctuary?

Let me know in the comment box below what it looks like? What colour it is? And whether you Spring Clean?

Love + WishesCarlyxxx


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4 comments on “How your Space Reflects & Affects your Life.”

  1. Another enjoyable read! My room needs some attention, I’m going to create a space for healing. I like how you described energy mingling with the environment xx

  2. Great post lovely, I think you hit the nail on the head. Feeling at home at ‘your’ space is so important and I definitely have some work to do on this front. Also completely agree with the decluttering. I declutter my wardrobe and my mailbox (delete, unsubscribe etc) on a regular basis, it indeed creates space for new goodness. 🙂 can’t wait for your next one xxxx

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