We all know that Meditation is great for our health and wellbeing. But how many of us wish that we were a little better at it? A little more disciplined or dedicated? Or could even get started with it in the first place?

Hand raised or waving madly in the air?

Because the truth is that it takes commitment, focus and effort. But know that when you do choose to embrace this blissful tradition rewards are reaped and I doubt that you will look back. I personally love how meditation grounds me and brings me ‘home’ to myself. To a place where you just know that you are safe and okay. Where you will always be ‘good enough’. How It strengthens me from within like nothing else. It is a spiritual dedication which can ease many of life’s problems…. or at least make them more manageable.

But how exactly does sitting crossed legged like a buddha really help?

meditation buddha


I see meditation as a tool to cope and find solace. A way of finding peace and comfort. In fact it is the rock we need when all else fails and falls apart. For indeed, when we have explored all other external avenues we come to realise that all we really have is our own shining selfs to fall back on. And from this understanding a deep trust begins take root.

Get support from others but know how to catch yourself.

Once you embrace the ritual it quickly becomes a way of life; much like eating, sleeping and movement are. Once you begin the addiction kicks in.

It sounds so simple?

A few moments sitting still, quietening the mind and being alone. No distraction. Nowhere to run. Breathe in….. Breathe out……. Repeat.

Easy yes?

Erm….who is with me in screaming ‘NO’ at this point?

Because RESISTANCE comes up just at the thought of mediation! FACT.

Much like hitting the gym on a cold winter’s night we will usually do anything just to avoid it. We fall for many distractions and may even kid ourselves that the pre-rituals which we attend to are part of the spiritual practice itself. Perhaps we must first download the ideal relaxation tune, and then create a beautiful space full of candles, crystals and soft cushions?

Quite honestly it is just far easier (and nicer) to put our efforts into the warm up, when in reality the truth is that we don’t actually need anything to meditate. Just ourselves. We all know this deep down.

I practice meditation regularly. I love it. I need it. It does me good.

BUT I still RESIST it every time….. and I think I always will. 

The resistance and the battle reminds me of watching someone shivering by a swimming pool. You (and they) know they will be going in the water but they fight it. If you observe, you see that most people don’t just jump in headfirst. They stand a while and procrastinate. The desire to swim is present but taking the first step is hard. They know that they will enjoy it once they get started or that they will at least feel good afterwards. And that despite the resistance they will inevitably come back to the pool time and time again –  but getting into the water just never gets easier.

Similarly with meditation. The bottom line is to accept the resistance and then just do it anyway!

Make a start. 

Sit down. Shut your eyes. 

Watch and feel your breath and stay here…….

 For 5, 10 or 20 minutes. It doesn’t matter. There is no pressure. Ignore the temptation to run. It will be strong. Turn away from the desires the mind will try to tempt you with. 

 Everything can wait. Stay focused. Stay here. Just watch.

Eventually the resistance passes and you relax, soften and melt. 

 Ahh lovely.

 NOW you are doing this and it feels great. Hallelujah!

You end the session feeling like a pro. Like you have got this sorted now. Yipee.

But don’t be fooled folks because the resistance will be back again tomorrow laughing at you once again. Shrug it off. Acknowledge it and over ride it. You are mightier than it is in the end.

If you can make meditation a regular routine it does all get a little easier. For despite the initial struggle you will also begin to crave it like a soft cozy blanket which wraps around you. And the good news is that much like a muscle memory you start to fall into the soft relaxation state much easier and quicker each time you do it.

If you are tempted to give up just remember that the benefits and beauty of regular meditation are exceptionally life changing and healing. You know it. Stick with it. You may find introducing a ritual will also help.

Let me know if you too experience the resistance? And whether it has lessoned for you over time? I would love to hear your comments in the box below.

PS – If you prefer a guided meditation I can recommend this chakra healing one to get you started. I personally tend to do a mix of this one and my own simple breathing meditation.



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6 comments on “The Resistance of Meditation”

  1. I resist it most of the time, resist doing nothing. Recently made it even more challenging, I’ve stopped using guided meditations and just focus on my breathing – even more room for thoughts but I’m sticking with it. Nice to know I’m not alone with resistance!

    • You are definitely not alone Hon. Impossible to stop the thoughts I reckon. But they don’t matter. I should probably take my own advice and get off the computer and go and meditate myself now…. Resisting…… hehe xx

  2. I found that I tended to resist with more tenacity until I made meditation part of my every day routine. Making sure I do it at roughly the same time each day seems to help too, because then it feels more like a part of the day rather than a break in the day. I’ve also found that yoga helps, stretching and relaxing the muscles beforehand makes it so much easier to sit and sink into the meditation, but then that’s what yoga poses are for I guess 🙂

  3. I’m sure this article is aimed at me! Why do we resist something so much, when we know it is for our greater good – madness!
    Write 100 lines – MUST TRY HARDER, MUST TRY HARDER …..
    Another great article, Carly 🙂

    • hehe Jac. No lines – and no trying harder. Got to be done in a calm state else defeats the point 😉 Maybe watch some trash TV first ;_) xx

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