Recently I have been learning more about Detoxification. It hasn’t been easy to be honest and I have found it an overwhelming topic area with almost too much advise out there to make sense of, and more crucially understand how to apply to myself and my condition.

For if you have a chronic disease it is not safe to just throw yourself into Detox without careful thought. Embarking on a 28 juice cleanse for instance, may sound fantastic in theory, and may be highly rewarding and beneficial for some people, but not when you are very sick and weak.

And this is where the confusion lies because often the methods promoted (which can work well for many diseases) do not work well for us. We suffer badly from them.

remove the toxins first

Our bodies are naturally capable of Detox and a healthy body will do this mechanical job very well. Our lymph glands are a major way in which we push out Toxins but there are many other processes and organs involved. If these organs (and the lymph glands) are sluggish then the Toxins go nowhere. In fact, by trying to force them out of a system which cannot cope we can actually make the situation a whole lot worse and make ourselves feel awful.

Remove the Toxins first.

In the past even a gentle massage has floored me to the point where flu-like symptoms would descend immediately and last about 2 weeks. I clearly was not strong enough to handle Detox in this manner and it wasn’t a good idea. Perhaps too many chemicals and Toxins were being immobilised for my weak body to handle.

Similarly, everything I tried (which sounded amazing in theory) would just make me very ill. A food elimination diet made me so incredible weak and sick that I could barely get through it. Emotionally I felt totally on the edge just from denying myself some basic food which sped up Detoxification processes. I was already on a clean diet by the point so this wasn’t even due to cutting out things like Sugar or Gluten.

Any opportunity to cleanse just seemed detrimental to my health which was frustrating.

I needed to look at this another way. I needed to tackle this differently.

Firstly I needed to comprehend a very valuable lesson which I was missing – that perhaps my system was actually very Toxic indeed, and that I should work at reducing the Toxins going into my body every day as a starting point. That way when I was ready to begin further Detox work in the future there would be less chemicals to get out and cause havoc.

Make it easy for your body and cut down on your chemical exposure.

It is simple – Don’t put in what you later need to get out.

An aha moment if ever there was one! 

Ways to Reduce the Toxin Load:

  •  Over time I have massively reduced my Toxin burden by elminating Gluten, Dairy and most Sugar. I have stopped eating processed food or gluten-free alternatives. I avoid Grains. Instead I eat real whole foods. Pure foods.

Experts claim that Healing from all disease can be broken down into 2 main concepts:

1. Remove Toxins.

2. Add Nutrients.

This makes perfect sense and which one you work on first is dependent on your own situation. Go carefully and start gently. These changes make a dramatic difference and can overwhelm a fragile body.

The idea is to find a balance which does no harm as the priority.

  •  I have (in addition) added in as much nutrient dense food as possible. Much later down the line when I am stronger I will consider a Cleanse Day to give my digestion a break from food. But right now that is not a good idea at all for me.

I love that I am getting a clearer sense of how all this works now in relation to myself. It has been very complex and taken a great deal of time but finally I feel I know myself and my body and that the messages are much clearer. 

I work with where I am and I will always be my best teacher.

  •  I have cut all Toxins out of my Beauty Products and many of my Household Products. This has been great fun and I have switched brands and experimented with my own concoctions successfully. I now notice increased sensitively to smells and chemicals but I think that this is a good thing as I can now understand what my body is communicating. It’s amazing how once you clean up you can literally hear your body speak.
  •  I make sure I drink 8 glasses of pure Filtered Water each day and a warm Lemon Water on waking. I use a Chemical Free Bath and Shower System too.
  •  Dry Skin Brushing is a new found love. It feels detoxing without being harsh. It feels like it is doing good and stimulating lymph flow in a way I can handle.
  •  Gentle Movement through Yoga and Walking. This is very worthwhile even if all you can do is stretch your toes or circle your ankles.

Already in the past year I feel like my Toxin load has decreased dramatically and these steps are not to be underestimated. I no longer feel pain on certain body pressure points relating to blocked glands. However, I know that if I forced heavy Detox and the pain returned this then would be a clear indicator that I was going too fast.

  •  I am also working on Methylation with supplements which further open detox pathways.
  • I have started acupuncture which is a modality I really admire for balancing the system as a whole.

I am conscious that for now these steps are enough. This is a long way from where I used to be and now I can happily have a 20 minute massage ( on a good day) with no repercussions. 

And so my understanding of Detoxification for those of us with chronic conditions is definitely to go slow and gentle, but mainly to begin with cutting down the burden and what you are putting into your body. When I now myself explore gentle Detox methods I am not dealing with a backlog and mass of stored Toxins waiting to be released and this makes all the difference.

One thing is for sure and that is that effective Detoxification is fundamental for health.

I would love to hear what Detox methods have worked for you? Or whether decreasing Toxins in general has been a better plan or one you may try next? Next on my own list is an Infrared sauna so I will let you know how that goes. Anyone tried one or anything else? I will proceed with caution as always.

With Love

Carly xx

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2 comments on “Remove the Toxins First”

  1. Good on you Carly! You are so right – detoxification needs to be gentle and embarked on with baby steps for some – because it can be such a powerful process! I think we are too quick to gung-ho detox in this world sometimes without knowing what our bodies are capable of, and have been exposed to. I too have been wiped out so many times from detox side effects, and had to take a step or 5 back. It’s so frustrating though cos while we know it is doing good things for us overall by releasing ‘the badies’ it can be doing bad things if our bodies aren’t there yet. Can be a slow process to healing huh. But I like this post! It is important to promote this awareness on processes like detox 🙂 Goodluck on your journey to wellness honey 🙂

    • Hi Dannii,
      Thanks so much. I relate with you totally – we want to do the work if only our bodies benefited! It is much harder having to go slow but like you I learnt the hard way too 😉
      Good luck on your own journey too and thanks for your kind words.
      Carly xx

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