Is your sun tan lotion safe?

Or is there a better alternative and should you switch to a natural sun tan lotion?

Another health scare I hear you say! Its crazy how so much is bad for us nowadays. Riduculous even. It makes you want to run for the hills with your hands over your ears singing “la-la-la”

And I don’t blame you. Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world we trusted. A world like the good old days where we could happily eat what we liked and use what we desired without a second thought?

By all means do this if you wish, but the truth is that today the world is largely run by advertising and the big brands, who make the big bucks. We typically only come across these brands and we fall for the marketing hype. Why wouldnt we?

The thing is that we dont really have much access to the real information. Sure, we can google it when its brought to our attention, but like so much, why would we question it at all in the first place?

Today there are chemicals everywhere. It feels like we are sinking before we even begin. But please dont stress because actually we need to rise above all the drama and fear and remain harmonious for our health to thrive. To calmly make a choice to research information when it is presented to us and to judge for ourselves if it is important enough to make a change.

In the case of suntan lotion (and most beauty products) the switch over is so easy and simple that I figure there is no reason not to give up the chemicals.

The thing is that our incredible bodies have so much work to do anyway, that the less strain we put on them, the less chance of overload. Lets take the pressure off and reduce our chemical exposure where we easily can.

Suntan lotions are pretty toxic I’m afraid. More so than most other beauty products.


Because they are chock-a-block full of man made chemicals. And remember that we absorb a lot of what we put on to our skin so we are literally rubbing in the toxins and then asking our poor overwhelmed bodies to handle it.

The Naked Chemist says

“Many popular sun tan lotion formulas contain controversial ingredients. These include dibenzoykmethane, parasol, bensophenone and cinnamates.

Benzophenones for instance, are one of the most powerful free radical generators known, distorting our genetic information.”

This is an industry that is largely unregulated. There are large amounts of various chemicals in suntan lotions. Many of them are scary endocrine disrupting ones. This means that anything from hormones to fertility could potentially be affected.

Shocking I know.

You’ve got to do your own homework.

Could the very thing you are putting on to protect you (and your children) actually be causing harm?

To be honest the answer is ‘quite likely’.

Whats the solution?

Okay, here is where is gets simple. Of course there is a still a need for sun protection (although check out my Tanning and the Sunshine Hormone post to read why sunshine is so crucial.)

I suggest making the switch to an organic or chemical free brand. Dont assume these dont work. They really do.

And as  a bonus since I switched I no longer get the prickly heat I was plagued with every summer so if you suffer from allergies or skin sensitivity these are definitely for you.They are gentle but protective. They work in a different way

The difference is that Chemical sunscreens are absorbed into the skin and the bloodstream. Whereas Natural (or mineral) sunscreens (and makeup) contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which sit on the skin instead and physically block UV light.. They reflect the sun sway from your skin and therefore work entirely differently.

The newer products on the market are effective and luxurious. No need for compromise. Just better health potention and less allergy risk.

So, are you convinced? If you want to try a natural brand there are plenty to choose from. Most health shops and online Organic Beauty stores sell them.

I personally love *Green People and use it always. I go for factor 15 and find I don’t burn at all and rarely even need to top up. Whatever brand you use I would defintely consider switching your whole family over this summer.

Enjoy the sun and take away the worrries I say 🙂

*Free delivery for new customers.

Do you have any favourite brands? Or have your switched over and love the difference? Leave me a comment 🙂




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5 comments on “Should you switch to a Natural Sun Tan Lotion?”

  1. Snap Green People! I haven’t used anything else in years though I recently read that coconut oil has a natural SPF of about 8 so might try that!
    I think you’ll love the book No More Dirty Looks by S. O’Connor and A. Spunt! xxx

  2. Ooh sounds great. will take a look thanks honey.
    Yeah I love Coconut Oil and I think it does protect the skin for sure – although I seem to have an intolerance to coconut in food so for the moment have also stopped coconut beauty products as the skin absorbs so much. Seems Green People is a winner though 🙂 Im going to try and put a discount code up if people click to their store through my link. xxx

    • HI Carly

      I tried coconut oil instead of sunscreen – I found it needed to be applied very frequently to stop me getting burnt. But it is a really good option. There is another brand that I have been using called – if you come across this over in the UK – give it a try? I found it to be really oily though but its still better than conventional sunscreens in terms of toxic chemicals!

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