In the first thread of this ‘Clean Up Your Beauty Act’ segment I am starting with organic and natural Multi-taskers. Why? Because these are the foundations upon which you can build your new improved Beauty regime.

These beauties will save you a heap of money and you will find you can massively slash the amounts of products on your bathroom shelf.

Clean up your beauty act. Organic Coconut Oil and Argan Oil

In fact when you start to upgrade your products and ‘go clean’ you will naturally begin to minimise your product quantity.

Quality over quantity girls.

Much like making better food choices, I recommend starting with a couple of items (like multi-taskers) and then gradually replacing other items as your own (toxic) stuff runs out. Soon you will have your collection built up and you will never want to go back to putting chemicals onto (and into) your body.

I promise 

There are tons of reasons why we should avoid chemicals in our Beauty products and they are linked to a host of scary diseases. Did you now that the skin is the largest organ in our body and masses of toxins are being absorbed daily? Many we cannot avoid, so it’s crucial that we take charge where we can and work towards generally cutting our overall toxin load.

This is even more important for anyone suffering from a health condition, problem skin and acne. Even more so perhaps for babies and children, who are particularly vulnerable. Marketing has tricked us badly here. We just don’t need the harsh stuff. All we need is natural, soothing and beautiful products. And you need not worry that you will be risking your looks by giving up the high profile brands, because these organic treats are very glamorous, luxurious and outstanding in terms of performance. Plus your bathroom will look more like a pretty spa than ever.

You are upgrading in every possible way.

So, if I could only choose 2 Organic Beauty items what would they be?

After much consultation and deliberation these are my 2 Desert Island Organic Beauty Must Haves:

1. Coconut Oil

2. Argan Oil

Let me tell you why:

Coconut oil is a natural way to keep skin and hair soft and healthy. A cream which is edible cannot get purer. This is as natural as it gets, and what smells better than coconut?. Shut your eyes and your are transported back to the beach and holiday highs.

Best in a Cold pressed virgin form, it acts as a Cleanser, Moisturiser, Antibiotic, Anti-Fungal, Multivitamin, Multi-Nutrient and and Anti-Oxidant. This oil is overloaded with powerful goodness. It soothes, it cleans, it softens. Use it anywhere!

Argan oil is often refered to as ‘liquid gold’ and is extracted from the Morrocan Argan tree. It is extremely rich in nutients especially Vitamin E and Fatty Acids. This non greasy formula can also be used all over the body, hair and nails. Perfect for dry skin, wrinkles and acne this super tonic is blissfully luxurious and smells divine. Just make sure you use a brand which is 100% Argan or pure.

clean up your beauty act.

My Personal Routine:


♥ I use Coconut oil to remove makeup and cleanse my face. I rub it in all over and then remove with a hot cloth (which also helps exfoliation.)♥

♥ Once my skin is dry I use Argan oil as my bed-time Moisturiser, allowing it to pentrate deep whilst I sleep.♥


♥ If I was being super Spa-like I would Dry Skin Brush before jumping into a hot bath (with a few drops of Argan oil in it) and enjoy the relaxation…. After drying off I rub Coconut Oil all over my body. It is very easy to do with minimal effort due to the liquid consistency (particularly in the summer.) I often also use as a very gentle sun tan protector in the daytime as it is suggested to have an unofficial SPF of Factor 6.♥

Hand & Nails

♥ I Use both Argan and Coconut for these! Nails grow super long and cuticles and skin soften dramatically.♥


♥ I use Coconut OIl as an Intensive Conditioner now and then. It is ideal to rub all over the hair and scalp (stimulating new growth) after washing and then go to bed with it left in. The next day wash off for amazing softness and shine. It will require a couple of shampoo rinses.♥

♥ On damp hair before drying/styling I rub a tiny bit of Argan oil into my palms and spread on the hair ends. This tames, adds shine, and acts as a natural heat protectant. It can be used on dry hair to tame frizz also but dont use too much! Less is more.♥

I honestly and genuinely love these 2 products equally. If I wanted to be very minimalistic I wouldn’t require much else.

But I am a girl so I do like to play!

As an extra note, Coconut Oil can also be used to sooth rashes (on babies too.) You may worry it is too greasy but in in fact our skin requires oil, and the problem occurs when we don’t have enough, which then triggers an over-release by our own glands. Toxic products strip our oil away and often make the problem worse. My own skin has never been clearer or softer since switching, and although I will be honest and say that skin health is majorly determined by what is going on internally (and my own still reflects that more healing is needed), it does make a difference in appearance by switching to clean and natural products.

But don’t just take my word for it:

Jo from London writes “I love using Organic Coconout oil as a body moisturiser. It does a great job and smells delicious! It is a great option if you want to avoid using chemicals or have sensitive skin. You just need to wait a few minutes before dressing to allow it to sink in. But aside from that what’s not to love?” AND “Argan Oil products have totally restored the condition of my hair and smell great too.”


My baby daughter has a few skin problems with dry patches and nappy rash. Coconut oil has been better than anything the doctor suggested and gently soothes and heal instantly. Donna from Kent.


Emily from Kent says “Argan oil has done wonders for my Hair and Nails. Both were brittle and dry but are now strong.”

I double cleanse my face with Coconut Oil about once a week. And there is no going back! It feels like a luxury for my skin and is now a favourite pampering ritual of mine. Rosie from London.

Let me know your face natural skincare routine? Do these 2 faves of mine feature?

Love and Wishes 

Carly xx

See Part 2: Clean up your Beauty Act: Natural Homemade face Mask here.


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20 comments on “Clean up your Beauty Act: Organic Coconut & Argan Oil Multi-taskers”

  1. I too have to avoid toxic overload from harsh chemicals found in products I make my own soap, lip balm, body butter, and face oil blend with rosehip oil…argan oil…passionflower oil…evening primrose..Rose EO and frankincense. I also use coconut oil and argan oil for my hair so I use it daily and it’s truly scrumtious so I’d love to win:-)

  2. Ah this is right up my street! Thanks for all the tips! Will definitely try coconut oil for my hair. I use argan oil daily on my face and then a cream on top – wonder if the oil is enough, any thoughts? xx

    • I would say the oil is enough. It is for me anyway. You could always alternate the cream in the winter and oil in the summer, or use one in the morning and one in the evening. Do what feels right to you honey but I have learnt myself that sometimes less can be better. xx

      • Thanks. I might alternate and pay close attention to whether the oil is enough. Even the shop in London I was telling you about advise a cream over oil but not totally convinced! Xx

        • Mmmm guess its individual hon. In the winter I would perhaps do both occasionally at night or use a serum underneath instead would probably be nice. I guess it is just how your skin feels. Massage a good amount in properly and leave 5 minutes – if it feels good I would leave it. I have dry skin too. xx

  3. Would love to try the argan oil on my face. I’ve sensitive, combination skin which needs moisturising but find many creams and lotions too heavy or I react to them. I need something that will help provide some balance.

    • Hi Hon,
      Yes I find it great for face and hands/nails 🙂 Its definitely a multi-tasker. Ooh and coconut oil is a life saver – not to mention a massive money saver! You can buy 1 second bottle and eat it/cook with it for extra healing benefits too – highly recommend that! xx

  4. I’ve only just found your blog and love it already. It’s nice to know there are people who live locally and have the same interests and passion for a healthy body and mind. Anyway… 🙂 I’ve seen these products around and heard really good reviews but never bought them for myself so thought this would be a good opportunity! I’d like to receive them because the last three years my body has been through hell, (I’ve been diagnosed with an ED) my skin is dark and dry, my hair is very thin from where it has fallen out, my nails are brittle and weak. However, this year I have been trying to recover from the illness and maybe these products could give me a little confidence boost when it comes to my skin, hair and nails!

    • Hi Ayten,
      Thanks so much 🙂
      Where do you live?
      Good luck in the competition I am sure you will love the product.
      Just out of interest have you looked at the thyroid as it is massively under-diagnosed and missed by doctors? The blood results mean nothing either so it is very likely you have had tested and think they are normal. I have written a couple of posts on thyroid if you go to my Health Category section which may help. Also google Dr Peatfield. It may be of no link but alarm bells are ringing from what you wrote and I always feel the need to tell people to explore this a lot further. Lots of luck with your continued health journey 🙂 x

  5. I love this Carly and I think it’s beautiful how you honour your body. Coconut Oil is something I have been meaning to corporate in my beauty routine for a while now, I am not sure why I keep putting it off. Argan Oil is not something I’m familiar with, however after reading your post and doing a little more research just now I know I need this on my bathroom shelf. I’m suffering from adult acne around the chin area, it erupts quit regularly and I don’t like the scars it leaves, so Argan Oil sounds like a product I at least need to try! I also have quite dry skin and I’m already dreading the winter days with indoor heating because it makes it 10 times worse! So yes that’s why I’d like to win this lovely competition. Thanks for another inspiring post gorgeous. Oh and, what Coconut Oil do you recommend? xxx

    • Hey lovely,
      Thanks for the comment and yes you need both oils in your life 🙂 I have put you On the Comp list. Good luck.
      It can be very soothing and lovely taking time to connect and nourish our bodies and knowing that what you are putting on your skin is natural and organic just makes the experience better I reckon.
      I will look up some coconut oil brands for you asap honey but anythings as pure as possible in the meantime. But I will get back to you with an amazon link as quality can make a difference particularly on the face. Im dreading the ‘central heating’ feel too but I think these oils will help a lot. xxx

  6. Hi Carly,

    It’s funny how this wonderful article has come into my life this week, as I am just in the process of re-assessing my body care regime and products.

    I’m doing everything I can to regain my health after many years with ME and despite all my knowledge on healing in general, have only just realised just how many chemicals we put onto our skin :/

    I used coconut oil on my body as a moisturiser for the first time two days ago, and it’s wonderful. Would absolutely love to try argon oil next 🙂

    Love Emma x

    • Hi Emma,

      Thanks so much for connecting on here and FB. It was lovely to read your comment and came at a time where I needed a little boost myself, so thank you.

      I love a bit of synchronicity too 🙂 and hope you will enjoy the switch over to natural beauty products. The chemical overload is quite scary when you really start to look into it. I just figure that with ME (or health problems) we need to make things as easy as possible for our bodies, and cutting the chemicals is a big thing we can do which is relatively easy.
      You are on the Comp list 🙂 Good Luck xx

  7. Ooh I’d love to try these because I have VERY dry hair and dry skin! I often find I need to use serums or oils to smooth out the frizz and make it appear more moisturised and shiny. With my skin, I spend so much on fancy creamy moisturisers but the effects never seem to last!
    I’m always looking for more natural ways to moisturise so I have tried coconut oil on my skin and the results were great! Would love to have a go with Argan oil too 🙂 x

  8. I’d absolutely love to try these out since i suffer from acne and dry skin and spend so much on expensive and chemically loaded products. I also have very weak and dry hair since I have low ferritin levels and I really want to know if these will work and save me hassle! xxx

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