“No man is an island”

We all need a community of people around us. People to support us, to share life with us, and to laugh and cry with us. Without this we are lost. Even those of us who love our own space need connection. It is what makes us human.

We all have a circle of souls around us. Some we inherit, some we choose, and some choose us. Many stay for the long haul. Others come and go. They all invariably teach us something and they all bring out a certain uniqueness in us.

“Sometimes people come into your life for a moment, a day, or a lifetime. It matters not the time they spent with you but how they impacted your life that time.”

The vibe between 2 people is highly individual and sacred. Add even a third or a fourth person to the mix and it subtly changes. Often into something wonderful but nevertheless the dynamic shifts a notch. Each relationship or group is unexplainably and intricately unique.

Take a look and notice your community?  Be honest and answer whether you truly desire making a few changes?


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Mostly (and hopefully) our circles are full of beautiful and lovely people. With a few tetchy characters thrown in here and there for that perfect eclectic mix. It would be dull without them right? Who would be gossip about?

Did I say gossip? …. Oops 😉

There are the old worn-in dependable friends who support us and provide good times and share classic memories. Family who mercilessly tease us but who are ultimately our rock and foundation for everything.Then there are newer friends or aquantancies. Some of these people we adore, some we like a lot, or possibly some we feel pretty neutrally about. Regardless, these are the members of our circle. They make up our world in a big way.

Enjoy taking a moment to imagine the utter randomness were all your collective community put together and snapped in one big polaroid!

Picture that snapshot. Are you happy with it? Does it feel like a place you want to proudly stand in the centre of and call home? Or is there a quiet soulful yearning for more?

Truthfully, we are always evolving and growing and whilst its amazing to have a core base of family and friends, and a comfort zone, there is always room for more people and more love and connection in our lives. We often feel a great urge and pull towards this manifestation and creation of our perfect Tribe.  A raw hunger for connecting with others.

I know I do.

We seek a Tribe that our hearts feel magnetically drawn towards. One where the folks fill us up inside, and whose energy vibrates at the same frequency as ours does right NOW at this point in our lives.


“Having a soulmate is not always about love. You can find your  soulmate in a friendship too.” ♥ ♥ ♥

For many this longing to manifest a perfect Tribe will manifest at a time of transition or change. Maybe as a new mother you seek women who understand your new role, or the 3am wake up calls. Or maybe you have embraced a new health path and you want to share it with collective others. Whatever the reason Tribes are born all the time.

If you feel a sense of loneliness despite a great base community then I ask you to look at ways to manifest YOUR TRIBE. The like-minded spirits who are waiting to connect with you.

They say that you are a “Combination of the top 5 people in your life.”

 Are you?

 And, more importantly, are those people the right people for you right now?

 Do they make you feel like you are the person you want to be?

 Do they feel like HOME?

Its okay to rotate a couple on that list of 5 you know. To acknowledge that maybe you or them, or even simply times change. Keep them in the snapshot – front row if you like – but simply allow space for the new into your life when required too.

I wonder how many of your gang perhaps don’t really belong anymore?  Do you need to do the equivalent of a Facebook cull? It sounds harsh I know, but admitting this doesn’t detract anything from them. At all. In any way…..Sometimes it is just nicer to have a slightly smaller world of close companions you truly honour and love, rather than a massive world full of people you simply cannot keep up with or show up for.

Choices have to be made in order to grow and be happy. The community around us is so scared and important that I think we need to focus our attention here more often.

How to find your Tribe?

So, now that you realise just how much you truthfully wish for that beautiful group of individuals who could nurture your soul, feed your mind and with whom you see yourself madly giggling away with, you just need to find them …..But where are they?

When will they show up?

Well sweetie, maybe they wont unless you seek them and unless you have space for them? 

I am blessed with my own core circle but that doesn’t stop me feeling a sense of needing to expand it and simultaneously condense it too. Tighten it up if you will. I crave more soul connections too.

If you want to find like-minded people then get out in the world and connect with people doing things you love.

Enjoy the atmosphere a new crowd radiates and relax in that presence knowing that over time perfect connections will be made and depth will expand. Your Tribe will build organically when you are in the right environment.

Attract what you seek by doing what you love.

I recently joined an amazing online blogging course. I just felt like ‘writing’ was my thing and I had had many signs to follow this path. What I didn’t expect was the fantastic sense of community spirit and kinship. The realisation of how much I loved it enlightened me to just how much I needed it too. I adore the vibe, the enthusiasm, the shared passion for creativity. It is inspiring me and connecting me in a way my soul was craving and I was ignoring.

Listen to your heart. It will always serve you well.

And so I ask you if you feel that deep desire to create your own Tribe too? To look at your community and truly appreciate those you love and those who are special, but to perhaps make the decision to create some space too. … Would love to hear your thoughts? xxx








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8 comments on “Manifest your own Perfect Tribe of Soulmates”

  1. Yes to radiators too my dear new friend! Quality over quantity for me, something I truly started to appreciate a couple of years ago when I first realised I needed to let go of some ‘old’ friends. Again a beautifully written post honey! ‘Attract what you seek by doing what you love’ – it’s a tweetable 😉 – love that! I’m massively in search of my tribe too. My blog tribe that is because I have come to realise that not all my friends will be part of this tribe, which is perfectly cool. I love this creative process we’re both going through and I’m honestly thrilled to have found you! xoxo

    • Thank you gorgeous Nikki. So kind! Love knowing that we are forming our Blog Tribe and honestly soooo glad I have met you too! xx
      #radiators 🙂

  2. Amen for this post! Such a timely post for me as I have been adapting to life since having moved on from lots of relationships in my life that no longer served me. At the moment I am spending time rebuilding myself – and with time I know that I will find a tribe, core group that I can feel vulnerable with. Thanks for this reminde for me to let people in – I think I put up barriers sometimes with this!

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