Perhaps Blogging sounds appealing to you, and you’ve often asked yourself How can I start a Blog?

I bet that you have a message you would love to share?

Maybe you have spend years researching Health or Diet and you feel ready to help others now?

So many reasons. So many incredible possibilities.

Would you like to start a Blog?

I am a relatively new Blogger myself but I already know that it is perfect for me.

For so long (due to health circumstance) I haven’t been able to have a career, a job, or a role (in that sense of the word) and it can be hard in a society where the first question a stranger invariably asks you is;

What do you do?


How are you?


What are your interests, passions and dreams?

But quite simply.. and crudely;

What is your role in society?

Que awkward hesitation…

It can be difficult to know how best to respond to such a limiting and direct question. It isn’t always easy to maintain interest and conversation when you give them the truth. It takes skill and experience to manipulate the chatter onto engaging topics and find an opening to include things that you feel passionate about and are involved in.

A learned tactic to sustain the initial interest and keep it flowing just long enough to be seen as a worthwhile person despite having no job.

To create a spark of connection.

However, since I set up my Wellbeing & Lifestyle website Living Brightly I have pondered over whether I feel confident enough to change the routine and reply to this conversation starter with

I am a blogger. Actually.

Do I?

Should I?

Can I?

I’m not even sure why I have this niggling prickle that blogger doesnt quite cut it as a worthwhile role? In the way say writer or author does. Yet are they any different really? Other than the platform upon which people read the words?

Actually No.

And so, you know what, I am going to stand tall and promote this blogging lark. At present it doesn’t earn me an income , but if it did (and I hope it will) would that (in itself) make it more viable and credible? Would that make it acceptable?

Possibly. But the actual role is still the same. And so I am going to embrace what I do….

I am a Blogger.

Proud and loud.

I don’t offer any other services (as yet) but I have many potential ideas. There are so many viable options where a Blog is the starting point. The diving board. I don’t yet have the whole picture mapped out and I embrace that, because it encourages creativity to flow simply by having no set plan. I (and my blogging business) am evolving and growing organically.

Learning, discovering, connecting and blossoming.

It takes time to build solid roots and see what we will grow into.

Blogging is a personal platform. A space for you (and me) to share passions and thoughts and information. It can be whatever you choose to make it. I write for myself. It feels good. I have so many thoughts in my head that I feel it is a shame not to share them. To purposely interact with others and see what develops.

Starting a Blog can even aid your healing journey. It is a valuable part of my own healing tool kit which you can read about here and here.

If you already have a business or offer a service I compel you to think of a blog as a vital part of your marketing plan. To show the authenticity and personalty behind your brand. To stand out.

My philosophy is that a truly radiant life needs a Purpose. And I know how hard that is to find sometimes. We don’t always know what it is. Once you begin to Blog you begin the path of discovery. You literally write your own Purpose into being.

Do you want your voice to be heard?

Do you want to do something?

Or promote your business/service?

We all have a passion within us. Starting a blog and writing itself is an incredible and healing catalyst for creating a life (and business) which you love. I promise.

Would you like to start a Blog?

My own blogging journey began properly when I started an online blogging course called Bright Eyed & Blog Hearted. Previously I had written a few posts and knew that I adored writing but the course opened up my eyes to the possibility and prospect of making Blogging my role and future Business. I now feel confident that this can work for me and that when the time is right that I can potentially make an income from this, and build my business to support myself. It is just amazing having the knowledge and belief that this is a possibilty in my situation.

The course far outreached my expectations in terms of sheer content, soulful depth, sweet support, and expert information.

Poignant and invaluable.

I have learnt so much.

I have also made beautiful friendships with people in the same situation.

Full-filling connections with soul sisters.

I wanted to share the course details with you because the next intake enrolment has begun and is *time limited. Life long access means you can generously go at your own pace too so there are no worries about keeping up. I will also openly let you know that I signed up to be an affliate for this course because I genuinely love it so much.

Hand on heart – best decision I ever took.

Would you like to start a blog

If I have ignited a spark in you and *you would like more details click here. If you do sign up please would you click through on this direct link when you make the actual payment. I would really truly appreicate it.

Feel free to email me any further questions about the course and let me know if you feel the pull too? I can also offer a quick (no obligation) email chat about whether a blog is right for you and explore your purpose and content ideas.

*HURRY YOU ONLY HAVE A FEW DAYS – 2015 Sign up ends 25th May. Click here.

Love + Wishes
Carly xx

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4 comments on “How can I start a Blog?”

  1. Here’s to fulfilling connections with soul sisters! And Carly, this is such a beautiful post. So abundantly truthful. I, too, have an aversion to the question “what do you do?” It has always seemed to limit what I get to know about some and the path of conversation seems predetermined. There’s so much to talk about! I often ask, “what’s your world?” 85% of the time I get back a “huh?” because people are just not used to that as an intro question, which I totally get. It’s a little weird and kind of shakes things up.

  2. Thanks honey. I love that question – far more interesting. Yes, its so funny how ‘defined’ we are by job roles isn’t it? Sharing ‘our worlds’ is far more real and engaging. Thansk so much for the kind words Amira. xx

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