From the moment you wake, a Sunday (in an ideal world) is yours for the taking.

No alarm. No work. No commitments. No guilt.

If you were to plan the perfect Sunday would what it look like?

Time for yourself?

By Yourself or with loved ones?

Books, Food, Sunshine, Walks, Sleep?

Basically anything your heart desires.

Let’s call this day ‘Soothing Soul Sunday’

How is your’s looking up there in your dreamy vision?

Beautiful I am sure.

I am very lucky that I live by the gorgeous beach in Herne Bay. It may not be sandy, and the pebbles may dig into you every time you roll over, but it is stunning none the less.

Herne Bay Beach Blog

Herne Bay beach Sunday

Herne Bay Beach Sunday

Gazing out to sea, the sparkling blue water bewitches and dazzles you and you sink joyfully into its magical charm. The ancient (abandoned) Pier in the distance still evoking a hazy mist of by-gone pleasure seeking simple days in your mind. Stories told by your Grandparents sharpening into focus as your thoughts lazily drift….

Herne Bay Beach Sunday

Herne Bay Beach Sunday

Your breathing naturally and rhythmically slows down. A slow luxurious smile begins. You take a involuntary, deep, soul healing, sigh of pleasure. Shoulders drop, troubles fade and senses are heightened.

All there is is NOW. This incredible moment. This glorious feeling.

The beach becomes a part of your soul.

Nature’s very own luxury spa.

My perfect Sunday is a day much like today was.

Good company. Good Gossiping. Catch up’s. Relaxation. Cloud Gazing. Paddles & Girly Shrieks. Glorious Sunshine. Blue Skies. Giggles. Honey & Vanilla Tea. Contentment & Gratitude.

Herne Bay Beach Sunday

Herne Bay Beach Sunday

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Feeling like I am alive, taking in salty warm air, and doing what everyone else is (or wants to be) doing for a change. The beach is my second house. My pebble playground. My healing space away from home.

Herne Bay Beach Sunday

Herne Bay Beach Sunday

That’s what Sunday’s are made for I reckon.

Love Carly xx

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8 comments on “That’s what Sunday’s are made for – Herne Bay Beach.”

  1. You were right, I DO love this blog! Even just reading it made me feel relaxed. Just been for an evening swim as the sun sets, magical! xx

  2. Congrats on hitting 200 🙂 my perfect Sunday would involve good food, good company and also the beach. So maybe starting the day with a make up artist and hairdresser, putting on my fave outfit and spending a sunny day with my family and friends on the beach, complete with a bbq! With music and lots of dancing xx

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