Introducing Kristen from Wild Sprit Feather to you is an absolute pleasure. I am honoured to share this interview with you detailing her ongoing wellbeing lifestyle and spiritual journey.

As a successful blogger and a coach already I get a sense that this lovely soul has spent much time exploring, delving and learning, and is now at a point of really implementing all her dreaming and manifesting into further real creative action steps.

Hi, I’m Kristen, I create Ripple effects. I have the ability to spark transformation.

Kirsten Graham interview on her wellbeing lifestyle

Totally beautiful. And I believe that she really does…..

On the cusp of merging her authentic radiance with even bigger life dreams, Kristen’s sprit glows and shines as she creates and immerses herself into a life she loves.

Hi Kristen, It’s fair to say that you are well and truly immersed in a wonderful holistic and wellbeing lifestyle but can you share with us how you got started on this path?

I didn’t know all that much about blogging or bloggers until my friend Tara Bliss left hairdressing (and Brisbane) for her new adventure into the world. She started a blog – Such Different Skies  and I followed it religiously to keep up with her inspiring adventures. I hoped that I would one day be brave enough to also leave the soul-sucking world of hairdressing and make a big move in one way or another.

Then In 2011 I was diagnosed with an *autoimmune disease I’d had previously as a child. This gave me the excuse I needed to say goodbye to a world which was dimming my light and energy, and make a change. This freedom gave me the time and space to attend a Yoga class and I returned week after week, healing my mind, body and soul and the ripple effect began.


Through following Tara’s blog I was led towards health and wellness websites  and subsequently, with my new found love for Yoga, healthy food and wellness documentaries, I was able to heal myself.

How have you managed to create a business out of Wellbeing?

At this stage I’m embracing the overlap period of my job as a secretary and the growth of my business. I’m right on the cusp of a new job, new home, new location and fewer hours to make room for the growth of my business.

There’s a passion project that has been in the works since September 2014 – it is bright and beautiful and probably a little unexpected. So stay tuned….. There’s a lot of uncertainty in the air right now, but I have turned uncertainty into wonder and fear into excitement. I’m looking forward to the next chapter of my life.  

What does Blogging mean to you and why do you write?

I’ve seen clairvoyants and physcic mediums throughout my life. The re-occurring message I received from all of them was this:

You are a healer, you are a light worker, you have been a healer in your past lives and you are a healer in this life.

I loved the message but I never understood how I could bring that to people. What was I meant to do with that? I thought I would have to work in a crystal store and learn tarot to do the kind of work they were speaking of. When I found the world of blogging I realised that this was how I would bring about my healing work. Blogging is a place to share your story, your knowledge, your experience and through that you inspire, encourage and teach others a new way of being and seeing. Do not underestimate the power of sharing yourself with the world.

How does life look today?

There’s apprehension in the air. That cusp i’m on, that change, it’s just around the corner, its pulpable. There’s excitement and wonder for my new life. I know that everything is about to change. It’s important that I stay grounded through meditation and movement. Life today is damn magical. I am surrounded by synchronicity and guidance. It’s important to me to keep my body clean as to be a clear channel for guidance and for my work. I eat a healthy diet, spend time by the ocean, meditate and move my body.

Hows does a typical day look for you?

My days vary but something I always make time for is meditation and movement. These practices keep me grounded. Whether I’m at my current day job or at a beach or cafe, I bring my light with me. 

I believe that there are no chance encounters, everyone I come in to contact with has something to teach me or is a chance for me to shine my light on to. It doesn’t matter if that’s in the elevator at work or if it’s the bar tender passing me a green smoothie.


I always start my day with warm lemon water or Apple Cider Vinegar or Green tea. I eat whatever breakfast I’m enjoying depending on the season. The middles of my days vary depending on work or play. Afternoons are dedicated to movement and meditation and then nourishing my body with a delicious dinner. Kieran (my partner) and I usually crash on the couch to watch an episode of the latest TV series we are hooked on before heading to bed.

What particularly nourishes and revives you?

The ocean. A relaxation massage. A Wabi Sabi Session. Yoga. A juice cleanse or a weekend away. My recent trip to Sydney was a retreat in itself full to the brim with long walks, soulful conversations, sun kissed skin, sauna, swims and yoga.

Could you talk more to us about the role Yoga and Meditation has played in your health story? 

Yoga healed me. At the time I began my Yoga practice I had just quit my job as a hairdresser and was working my way through an Autoimmune Disease which greatly affected my muscles, often leaving me weak, tired and struggling to breathe. I left my first yoga class crying. I felt sorry for myself, I struggled to hold my arms up and the weight of my own body felt heavy. I returned the next week and invited Yoga into my life as a healer and teacher.

Yoga makes me feel Balanced.

It’s food for the soul.
 Yoga brings poise and flow to my life, an ease. It’s a form of meditation, movement, sweat and devotion. The hardest pose is showing up to the mat.  

What’s next on your beautiful evolving journey?

I want to offer more to the world. More peace, more calm, more clarity and a helluva lot of magic.

I want to devote myself to my yoga practice and thanks to Susana Frioni, I’m diving into the world of spiritual sex.

Life is all about the Now – but can you tell us a secret?…. I wish to release my passion project to the world in 2015. Keeping hush hush on this one but it’s coming.
There’s also thoughts of a book and I’m tapping out the bones of an e-course or some form of play book ;)
 …..A meditation album….shhh

Exciting plans – we cannot wait! And finally what does Living Brightly mean to you?

Walking around with a big Green heart Chakra. Being incredibly open to what the world and the day has to offer you.

I experienced this on my recent trip to Bondi Sydney. I felt as though I was walking around with a big beaming open heart. The conversations, the people and the connections that flowed into my life that weekend were all shades of magical.


Interview with Kristen Graham on her wellbeing lifestyle

Kristen Graham is a Mind Body Soul Wellness Blogger. Her online home is a space for the soulful and whimsy, the dreamers and the peace seekers. A place to be swept up in the magic and joy of life and return home to your heart.

Wow Thank you lovely Kristen…..Don’t you just love her? Her essence simply jumps from the page and I know this lady is set to make a real difference in the world. If she wasn’t on the other side of the world you can bet I would be turning up at her local to share a smoothe and some juicy conversation with her.

Let me know if Kristen has inspired you and what your life would look like if you dare you dream a little? Write them down in the comments below so we can share in your vision and help you. I’d love to hear from you. And if you are feeling totally inspired then please read some more amazing healing and personal growth interviews here.

Love + Wishes

Carly xx

* I have a deep understanding and experience of Living with Autoimmune Disease myself if you would like to read my own story.

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  1. Love this interview.. I always love to read how people transitioned into the health and wellness business from every day corporate jobs. Certainly the ripple effect is working – making a difference in the world one step at a time xxx

  2. How is Kristen doing in 2017? The links in the text don’t seem to be working. Does anyone know a link to Kristen’s current blogs?

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