On the hunt for that Holy Grail – Would we find a perfect Gluten Free Canterbury Brownie?

We headed to Kitch nestled in the cobbled, bustling Canterbury City Streets.

Gluten free brownie Canterbury

A Beautifully Decorated, Home-made Loving, Natural Foodie Paradise set in the main pretty cobbled street.

Kitch. Gluten Free Brownie Cake. Canterbury

Gluten Free Brownie. Canterury

The BROWNIE just seemed to scream out at us….

Gluten Free Brownie Cake. Canterbury

 “Try me. Try me”

The lovely lady who served us agreed that cakes in general are sadly overdosed with sugar. Here, they prefer to use a substantial amount less, and let the real flavours of the Chocolate and Almond flour permeate through.

Perfect Logic.

And the verdict….

Delicious……. Even when sharing.

Gluten Free Brownie Camterbruy

Gluten Free Brownie Canterbury

Finally, a place serving Green Juice, Hot Lemon Water, and Chai Tea. And plenty of Dairy & Gluten free options too. Yay.

Decked out with pretty pink flowers on the tables, and delicate vintage teapots, cups and saucers, the vibe is just right.

Gluten free Brownie Cake. Canterbury

Gluten Free Brownie Cake. Canterbury

Infact, Im already looking forward to returning on a cold day when I can get cozy with a Hot Cocoa made with Almond milk…. I could almost embrace winter already….

Okay, maybe not just yet!

Since switching over completely to a Paleo style healthy diet I have to admit that I have missed the days when I would go for ‘tea and cake’. Not because I miss those foods but because I miss the experience. When you feel tired an easy activity is required and going for a daytime relaxing Afternoon Tea fits the bill nicely.

Kitch. Gluten Free Canterbury

Im still on the hunt for a Sugar Free variation but I am one big step closer to the perfect Brownie, and this cafe certainly has a health conscience, philosophy, and natural charm which I love. ♥ ♥ ♥

Let me know if you have found another alternative in Canterbury + Whitstable + Herne Bay?  I would love to find the healthiest one out there?

With Love

Carly xx

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