GUEST POST: This post is brought to you by the lovely Tania who kindly approached me to write a Guest Post for Living Brighlty. She is a Transformational Coach who guides professionals and entrepreneurs. She is also a Facilitator, Writer and Yoga Teacher in the midst of redesigning her website.

Tania Guest Post at Living Brighlty

I was more than happy to accept her offer and bring you a slightly different post related to making a career change and finding a job you love. Tania ignites that (often hidden) passion in you and challenges you to make a choice and do something you desire. She talks you through the whole process in a gentle, yet clear manner, nudging your self-belief higher and higher with each piece of advice.

“Take control of YOUR LIFE.”
“Stop talkin START LIVING.”
“Discover your Greatest Self.”

Her ethos ties in nicely with Living Brightly and so if you are feel stuck in your job dreaming of alternatives read on to get inspired, motivated and crystal clear…..

Are you teetering on the edge? Scanning jobs on your lunch break trying not to get caught? Feel like you need a change but not sure if you are ready to take the leap. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

It’s a well-known fact that around the age of 30 many of us begin to feel like we need to switch things up a bit. I’m not talking about buying a new brand of toothpaste. Like major life-changing stuff.  At this age we are more likely to settle down, commit, buy a house, a puppy and start a new job.

Chances are you have spent the last 10 years getting to the top of your game and now you are after something more.

Do you already know that you are destined for that fancy corner office or the perfect ethically socially sustainably amazing (insert job title here) But all you can think of is…..

What if I don’t get at interview?

What if my boss finds out?

What if, what if what if!?!

WELL What if you DID? What if you NAILED it? What if you got a big fat JUICY pay rise while you were at it!?

First up The DEEP stuff… Get really REALLY clear on why you want to move on.  No BS. Be honest, there is no judgment or shame here.

Next steps:
1 – Design your ULTIMATE day.

Pull out that journal, pop the kettle on, get comfy and close your eyes for a few minutes.

Its Monday morning. You are waking up, the sun is peeking though the curtains. How do you want to feel? You wake up and what do you do? What do you eat for breakfast? Who is there with you? What are you wearing to work? How are you getting there? How long does it take you? What’s your work place like? Imagine the outside of the building, the inside, See yourself walking in there, see your colleagues around you what are they like?

You see where I am going with this?….. lots of detail, all 6 senses

  • See
  • Feel
  • Hear
  • Taste
  • Touch
  • Smell

Get it all out, Have fun with this, no holding back,  if you can imagine it you can do it, I’m not here to give you an unrealistic expectation of everything being “Pollyanna” but I want you to experience the FEELINGS associated with this new experience. Clarity in your heart-derived feelings can assist and act as a barometer later down the track when your head and heart can start to play tug of war. It is these feelings that will ground you and keep fear and uncertainty at bay.

Any time you catch yourself thinking – who do I think I am? Who am I to believe that I deserve all that happiness. –  Who are you not to be!?! You’re a woman of the universe and you were born with that right.

You don’t want to mess with the universe now do you? 😉

 2 – Professional Credentials.

When you are in a job for a while it can be really easy to loose track of all the goals you have kicked along the way.  With the Heart storming out of the way in step one now is time for the brain storming in step 2.

You may want to do this exercise over the course of a week.  Let the information flow to you when you are at work, networking or having conversations with colleagues. Start jotting down what it is you do, projects you have worked on, courses/ skills you have acquired, Knowledge and experience.

SEEK and you will find.

9 times out of 10 your job search will start online. SEEK and LinkedIn are two of the most popular/ successful ways to do this.  Armed with your heart and brainstorming of steps 1 and 2 you will now be able to identify roles that not only suit your skills but are going to stoke your career fire into a blaze.

BONUS TIP – DON’T do a scatter gun. You are worthy of so much more! Be selective. Value yourself. Trust that the right role will be there for you.

Not quite sure if something is right? Ask  – will this role make me feel how I desire? Don’t worry if you don’t find it straight away. Come back to focusing on your intention.

3 – Get Personal Brand Ready

Today it is so much more than a resume and a cover letter, I believe that any application should be a blend of professionalism and personality. Be yourself. Be the person that you would want to hire. Don’t hold back, Be authentic.

It can be hard to talk about yourself so you may like to get some help from a coach or bounce some ideas off some of your nearest and dearest.  Ask them what comes to mind when they think of you? What are your strengths? Get this out on paper and research different ways to present it – there are loads of resources online

Speaking of online – check in with your social media. Update your LinkedIn Profile, add a professional photo, lock down the privacy settings on any other social forums that you may not want to share with potential employers – they do look these days….

Get out there. Do it. Apply. Hit Submit. Feel happy. Be rewarded.


Tania Morgan is officially (and professionally) a modern day “Slashie”. For the last 10 years she has been proud to call herself a Human Resources Professional. But now, in her early 30’s she is so much more than that guiding go getting professionals and entrepreneurs as a Transformational Coach/ Facilitator/ Writer and Yoga Teacher. You can find her on her Facebook page

So, I hope this has helped you? Let me know if your dream of finding a job you love? Or maybe you already have one? Or, perhaps like me, you have the idea ready to develop when you are ready? I would love for you to share in the comments below on over on my Facebook page.

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