I have had a vision for ages. A little delightful dream to play out. In it I am super healthy and glowing. Tanned legs, bright eyes, long blond hair, toned tummy….

Did I go too far? Teehee. A girl can dream right? 

But you get the picture.

I am riding a bike along the seafront (all the way to my sister’s house in Whitstable) and I am fit and healthy and alive. I am riding high folks.


I even have a screen saver of a pretty yellow vintage-esq bike on my phone. You know the one with the traditional tan saddle, wicker basket (for my snacks) and delicately painted flowers on the frame. Basically a (back in fashion) old lady bike.

electric bike, CFS

With the law of attraction and manifestation set in motion I retain faith that one day such a bike (and lifestyle) shall be mine. 

Picture it. See it. Believe it. Bring it into life.

However, I am a sensible chicka at heart so whilst I hold my vision high I am open to the art of compromise and I have discovered a better (more realistic) solution for right now. 

Presenting to you the Electric Bike…… 

On a recent family holiday to Sardinia I was thrilled to see Electric bikes could be hired out cheaply by the hour. And as an added bonus they were even quite attractive. 

I have to admit that I waited until the last day of my trip to commit to giving the bike a go. I could have talked myself out of it to be honest as I was still pretty tired even after a week or so chilling. But if my body and mind were somewhat hesitant there was a ‘fun Mini-Me’ residing somewhere in my head (or perhaps more accurately in my heart) who woke up and began shouting out and waving her hand madly.

“I want a go! Pleassssseeeee.”

At this point I have to say that there was a lot of resistance occurring towards Miss Mini-Me. So I asked my heart just how much I wanted to do this? Was this on my ‘wish list’?

Hell yeah.

And so I knew that disappointment would be the over riding emotion were I not to take this chance.

My soul wanted this experience.

And so I did it. I got into excitement mode (gives you some energy) and handed over my Euros to Italian owner and I was away…… Quite literally I zoomed away!

Let me tell you that these little bikes are powerful and quick! I stayed in 1st gear and I was probably still marginally faster than my trusted little automatic Peugeot 106 back home – bless him.

We were staying in a beautiful town called Alghero and the roads had these amazing cycle paths built around the entire place. Proper hardcore important cycle lanes in between the road and the pavement. Super safe. There was no better place for my first lesson.

Further more it was a glorious (but not too hot) sunny day. In shorts, vest top, sun hat and (rather inappropriate) flip-flops I was ready to fly……

Image 6

I went ahead and my parents followed on their distinctively average (none electric) bikes. Teehee. These E-bikes do not really do slow mode else you end up just rolling, so in order to lightly pedal (and kick the electronics into gear) you have to maintain a little speed. Soon, to be honest I had left the oldies far behind. For a moment I considered looking back and seeing just how far ahead I was but then ‘Miss Mini-Me’ (the fun blond one) kicked in again and shouted

“Just go with it. Don’t look back!”

It may be a cliche but I rode along with the wind in my hair and I felt FREEDOM. Honestly I could have played a soundtrack.

When you have a body which isn’t nearly as strong as it should be you mostly feel like you are always behind everyone else, following them and needing help. Yet, for that hour I was in control and I had no limitations. For once I was in the lead and people were trying to catch me up.


And so, whilst I would not be able to do this everyday I absolutely loved this experience and I urge anyone to try an E-bike if they get the opportunity. And perhaps soon they will invent one a little more pretty and girly looking just for me.

Oh, and FYI if you love to eat clean food then Sardinia is the place to be. Ordering ‘Senza Gluten’ is without hassle and there are options aplenty. The Suckling Pig was the Island’s speciality and this slow cooked treat fitted the Paleo brief perfectly.

sardinia, Alghero      sardinia, alghero     Image 7   alghero, sardinia      Image 8     Image 9

All in all a very good trip….. and now to recover from the traveling. 


Let me hear your thoughts? Have you ridden an E-Bike? Did you love it? Let me know if it (or anything else) is on your ‘well wish list’.


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