Eastwell Manor is my Happy Place. 

We literally drive through the gate and down the long windy country lane and I sigh a deep contented breath. For this is the space where we choose happiness and peace for our stay.

For this is a magical and beautiful haven.

Definitely my favourite spa for a variety of reasons – one of which being that it is close enough to home to have no travel fatigue, yet once in this zen world you could literally be anywhere. It’s a true home from home but feels like another world. My kind of heaven.

I am going to let the pictures speak for themselves….. For very very occasionally words are over-rated…

My Fave Spa Eastwell Mannor

Eastwell Mannor Spa KentEastwell Mannor CanterburyEastwell Mannor KentEastwell Manor Retreat

It is another world here and it is how you feel which is so incredible. Of course there is no doubting the stunning environment with all the perks you would expect from a luxury establishment.


We usually stay in one of the cottages which are old converted stables.

Eastwell Mannor Cottage


This Yellow door could be favourite. Let me know if it ever comes up for sale at the same time as I win a jackpot 🙂

Eastwell Mannor

I’d show you the inside but well I like to keep some things private.. 🙂

But its country – chic if you fancy a guess.

I love the ease of having a kitchen and a fridge to bring all my food with me. We often curl up daydreaming about living here forever – whilst planning how we would decorate and re-jig OUR HOME a little of course (every one does that right?) before climbing the stairs to massive snuggly beds with visions of the delightful Full English breakfast up at the Mannor House we know will come….ZZZZZ

Eastwell Mannor Breakfast

Oh and yes they cater for food allergies with a little notice. Everything is fresh and local too.


Hours spent wandering, pottering and chilling. The seasons dictating if we choose the outdoor pool for a proper (Spain worthy) sun-bathing session, or whether we tighten the belts of our soft robes and snooze on a sofa in the Relaxation Lounge?

Eastwell Mannor Pool


Eastwell Mannor spa

Tough Choices here.


From Chocolates left on my pillow to a real secret garden where weddings are held (Yes I walk down the aisle every time and practise being a bride!) this is an indulgent, day-dreaming fantasy world where you become the Princess you want to be.

Embrace it! haha.

I never tire of exploring this mystical place. Of gazing at exquisite chandeliers, ornate mirrors, oak doors, and warming by the open fire. The smell of wood and incense better than any perfume.

Eastwell Mannor Retreat

Eastwell Mannor

Eastwell manner spa ashford

The Country attire is optional but I feel when in Rome..

So much which could be written but in the end It’s just my stunning happy place!

Oh… and there is even a true Wishing Well so throw a coin and make a wish upon it (or a white feather) and perhaps this fairyland will become your playground one day…..

Eastwell Mannor

Image 17


Watch out for the next holistic local review. Wherever or whatever it will be – expect Luxury, Authenticity, Healing and Nourishment. That’s the vibe of these reviews.

What do you think? Longing much? If you get the chance to visit tell them I sent you and suggest a Customer Refferral Bonus scheme 😉

Actually I may even do another Eastwell Manor review soon. A Part 2. There is soooo much more to show you. I just couldn’t fit it all in! And we didn’t even touch on the food or the bedrooms….

I want to stay here for a week (or longer) and pretend I am on a Healing Retreat. To really really indulge and practice my healing protocols. If I get the chance I’ll let you know how it goes……  Or perhaps I will find another GEM – although I have to say it would be a tough act to follow.

Love and Bliss

Carly xx

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