I have recently been learning a little about Chakras and our Chakra system. It’s interesting stuff which I have touched upon briefly before.  Many spiritual experts believe that in order to heal and thrive our chakras all need to be balanced and in perfect harmony.

They believe that Chakra and Chanting work can help to heal the Thyroid.

Often we will have imbalances in particular areas and these are said to be related to a particular chakra within our body. For instance the Throat Chakra represents the throat and the voice and being heard.

Being comfortable with speaking (and owning) your truth.

Any imbalance which occurs around this area is said to be spiritually linked to emotional issues to do with being heard, and issues such as Thyroid Disease may develop as a consequence.

Chakra and chanting work to heal thyroid

Whilst nothing is ever as ‘simple’ as one philosophy, I have read enough to believe in the fact that our individual emotional weakness’s can ‘potentially’ manifest as physical aliments.

For instance, I have always wondered why some people are prone to certain health conditions, whilst other’s a completely different kind? Why one person gets an Autoimmune Disease (attacking your own self!… Eek) and another person develops a Heart Issue? Of course, I know there are many factors at play such as Genetics, Diet, Lifestyle and Environment. That obviously goes without saying, but I am also open to believing that emotions are ‘part’ of the explanation too.

I don’t personally believe that people with Thyroid issues developed them simply because they had a problem expressing their voice. That is far far far too simplistic. But I do, however, notice a link, and if I think of the people I know who suffer with Thyroid problems they often do (myself included) have a fear of speaking out loud in case they are misunderstood or judged. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t speak out, but mostly it will be with-in groups which they feel comfortable in, and without doubt I am pretty sure that they go home and question what they said,  (sometimes over and over), and worry about what people thought.

Does that ring a bell to you as a Thyroid sufferer?

It is interesting… and slightly uncomfortable.

My theory is that perhaps when we start to get sick (which happens initially for many varied reasons from infections to virus’s) and our bodies cannot cope, respond and therefore heal effectively, then our weakest target area is hit next. Perhaps this ‘weak link’ is the area in which we struggle emotionally (as well as genetically), and this is where the ‘initial sickness’ finds an easy home to take root and cause further prolonged havoc?…. And from here the mayhem and chaos multiplies.

It is just a theory (which may change as is our own prerogative) but it is a possibility, and more and more I learn that I am simply open to possibilities.

To be clear, neither do I believe that working on healing Chakras alone will automatically fix a problem area or a disease. That depend on how much damage is done and much more besides. But potentially could it help?

Like I said ‘anything is possible’ and our bodies are crazy, wonderful things.

More likely, once we start to feel better from a medical (or supplemental) approach and our (blessed) energy hopefully returns, then from here, it is a golden opportunity to reflect upon all that contributed, and to strengthen ourselves from within and work on self-development.


I was very intrigued to learn more about Thyroid Healing from this modality. To be honest I will do and take every option possible to heal this tricky little blighter of mine. However, to be truthful, I have focused on healing it myself for a long time, and in my heart I do now accept that as it is been such a long time, with such a large amount of destruction to the gland, I cannot survive without thyroid medication.

I wish (beyond belief) that I could heal without it (particularly as hormone replacement does not agree with me) but it just hasn’t been the case and although this medication gives me tons of side effects and is not simple for me at all, I do need it. I only wish it actually made me better too – but that’s another story.

I am prepared to aid what little functioning gland I may still have though and aim to stay on as low a dose of hormone replacement as possible. I have seen fantastic results (on paper at least) from Diet and I have successfully decreased my antibody status from 3000 to 42! That was a proud achievement and proves that healing absolutely needs to come from a multitude of sources. And I think the fact that my own journey has been (and still is) so complex is why I do explore all the options and alternatives and try so many approaches which can aid healing. It can never hurt to open more doors and learn more.

Recently, I had the opportunity to connect with Erin, a Kundalini yoga teacher with a particular interest in the Throat Chakra. She was kind enough to explain more to me and we chatted in particular about chanting and how the vibration within the throat can aid healing to the Thyroid area…..

HI Erin, Can you tell us a little about yourself and the Chakra connection?

HI, I am a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor as well as a certified Hatha Yoga teacher. I’ve been teaching for 3 years. I was diagnosed with Hashi’s (Autoimmune Thyroid Disease) about 2 years ago, although I had known for years something was not right. I have 2 children and after the birth of my second, now 7, I was never the same.

I first made the connection between my voice and my thyroid and the 5th chakra through yoga. Yoga helped me take a more holistic view of my illness and of my healing. I came to feel that years of tension in the throat area from not speaking my mind, from not being myself, from holding back emotions (effectively ‘swallowing them’) was one of the root causes of my thyroid disease. Of course, it’s not the whole picture, but regaining the voice, learning to accept all of your emotions and learning to speak your truth and be your own advocate are crucial.*

Chanting sacred mantras helps in several ways. First of all, it is meditative. Anyone with chronic illness knows that meditation is healing. (For that matter, if everyone meditated every day, the world would be a different place!) Chanting sacred mantra is said to activate meridian points in the mouth which in turn activate different parts of the brain and promote relaxation and healing. Finally, the vibration in the throat from chanting stimulates blood flow to the area, stimulating the thyroid, the parathyroids, and even vibrating the pituitary gland which is particularly sensitive to vibration because it dangles in the brain behind the forehead. As the master gland, pituitary health is critical to the health of the entire endocrine system. Kundalini Yoga, in particular, focuses on glandular health and is, in my opinion, the most complete yogic system for addressing the 3 limbs of health: physical, mental, and spiritual.

Interesting! Can you explain more about Chanting?

People are often shy about chanting to begin with, but anything we practice on our yoga mats becomes stronger in our daily lives. So when we take time to utilize our voice, it becomes stronger in all other areas of our life. People start out being uncertain of their own voice. They will say they can’t sing, or they can’t pronounce the words or they are afraid someone will hear them. But as time goes on, those fears and insecurities melt away. People become less inhibited, more sure of themselves, less self conscious. In my case, I learned that my voice was valid, that it mattered, that I could and should share it.

For too long, I listened to what the doctors told me. “Your numbers are fine. Your thyroid is normal. You’re probably depressed. You need to exercise more, eat better, get more help with the children, take an antidepressant, take medication for reflux, wean your baby, etc.” ad nauseum. And for years, I slumped home from the doctor and vowed to do better than I apparently was. I had no voice, I didn’t trust my intuition, I wasn’t willing to talk back to the doctors or even to ask more questions. Enter, yoga. It changed my life, allowed to me to look holistically at myself, gave me my voice back and helped me to finally recognize and heal my thyroid disease.

I don’t mean to make it sound overly simplistic either. We know you can’t ‘just chant’ and get over it. If only! This disease is so tricky.

*This view ties in with Dr Kalish’s approach which details healing the body from a multi-dimesional approach in order to really be well and thrive.

Well, interesting hey? What do you think? Do you notice anything coming up for you at all with regard to this topic? Obviously it is a lot more complex than one angle, or even just one disease for many people though…. Let me know if you have tried chanting/chakra healing yourself, or will be doing so? I would like to give special thanks to the lovely Erin too. xxx

You may also be interested in the work of Belinda Davidson and her Chakra Healing Meditation which I have found great.

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6 comments on “Chakra & Chanting work to help heal the Thyroid”

  1. Hi Carly! I can so relate to this – I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was 15 – it is very likely that this stemmed a fear of self expression and speaking my voice, particularly since our adolescent years would have been just a big melting pot of emotions and self doubt! I have been working on my throat chakra using reiki and have been working to reduce my medication with my naturopath (I have cut my medication by 80% as a result!). I also feel that blogging has really helped me strengthen my inner voice – writing something that is so personal has been such a beautifully cleansing, cathartic yet challenging experience! Congrats on this post – it one of my favourite ones on this topic Carly!

    • Thanks so much Jo and so glad you liked it. Your comment means such a lot. It is interesting isn’t it? I definitely don’t want to simplify it at all(as that definitely wouldn’t be appropriate give my own history/circumstance), and I hope I haven’t, but like you say there is a connection of some kind – which ever round it is. Perhaps a Thyroid problem itself then causes more self doubt and lack of speaking confidence too?

      That is great you have cut your medication so much. Well done!! yay. I think through diet/lifestyle that this is far more achievable without an autoimmune element (or if its done in the early stages before too much gland destruction) because in many cases there is not so much wrong with the actual gland itself – but more the pathways, the conversions, adrenal and receptor issues which can be massively influenced by giving the body the co-factors it needs…. Sorry i’m rambling but its an area close to my heart 😉 Is yours autoimmune hon?
      So interesting to hear other’s stories 🙂
      C xxx
      PS Yes blogging definitely gives you a voice and although it hasn’t impacted ‘my thyroid’ as such, I feel it is part of the overall healing process in terms of creating a life I desire and expressing my voice. PLus I love it 🙂 Thanks again honey xx

  2. Hi Carly
    Love your chakra post.

    They say that there is nearly a 100% link between gluten and thyroid issues but I also wonder if it is because we live in a society where most people don’t speak their own truth, don’t live their own truth and don’t own their own truth.



    • HI Sharon,
      Thanks for the comment 🙂
      I do also think avoiding Gluten is essential for the thyroid and I have to do this 100% myself but there are definitely lots of factors at play I believe. xx

  3. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2008 and prescribed thyroxine which I hate taking. The dose has steadily risen over the years. Reading this article on using chakra meditations and chanting to help improve the thyroid gland gives me hope that I can do something about my thyroid instead of just taking medication. I thought it was interesting that many sufferers of thyroid issues find it difficult to speak their minds and and avoid expressing themselves to others. I too find expressing myself and speaking up for myself difficult, I was shocked at the discription of the average person with a thyroid issue as it described me to a tee. Thank you for the article I have found some hope for the future regarding my thyroid. Namaste x

    • Hi, Thanks for sharing. I really hope you can find some ways to at least support and perhaps decrease the medication. Its all very interesting isn’t it. Glad you liked my post and even happier it has given you hope 🙂 Good luck and if you haven’t already be sure to look at diet (plenty of fats) for thyroid. x

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