Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Katie who set up her Wellness Blog http://www.conqueringfearspiritually after suffering and recovering from 10 years of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME.

The lovely Katie is also a Teacher, Writer and Speaker and has a passion for helping others on their own healing paths.

“This blog is different. No medical reports, no darkness and above all, no negativity. This blog is about you and your ability to heal yourself… “

Her positivity and hope really shine bright. As does her appreciation and gratitude for how far she has come in creating her own beautiful life. She aims to inspire you and gently guide you to wellbeing.

So, let’s get chatting….

Hi Katie, Can you tell us a little about where you are in life right now?

I’m currently blogging  in my spare time, but I teach full-time in a school during the day. I always feel the need to add ‘full time’ when someone asks me because 10 years ago, I couldn’t even open my eyes for longer than 3 minutes, let alone work and be fit and healthy doing it. I was incredibly sick for around 10 years with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E and my blog reflects my journey and shares tips with others who are in similar situations. Even though my body is completely healed and I have lots of energy, I still carry some of the emotional scars with me and I work through these with others as well.

All-in-all, I’m incredibly grateful for my current situation and love the variety that each day brings.

How did the transitional change and shift in your health come about?

Honestly, I’m not 100% sure what the catalyst was. I never went down the traditional route for healing and knew instinctively as soon as I was diagnosed that I was going to have to get through this on my own, that there was more to my illness than met the eye. I make it sound so easy, but it was a long, hard journey, with lots of stumbles and falls along the way. It’s a very demoralizing and debilitating illness, which unfortunately still has a stigma attached to it. I think I learned about the condition by making mistakes and pushing my body too hard.

My aim with the blog is to come at the illness from a ‘soul’ point of view and encourage others not to believe that they are completely broken just because their body is sick. Their soul is not.

Do you have a Proud moment you can highlight on your journey toward this creation?

I think I first realised that there was promise in what I was doing when I had my first article accepted at MindBodyGreen and was very quickly offered an interview on the radio with CBS straight afterwards. I remember thinking that the radio email was a hoax and I had to walk around the block just to take it all in! I was absolutely petrified, but knew that I was working with something bigger than myself.

What 3 things have you embraced the most?

The first would be being ok with not being ok, and secondly, understanding that trying to be perfect and care about what other people think is exhausting. The third and probably most important idea is that, if I don’t look after myself, no-one else is going to do it for me and my life doesn’t flow well as a result.

It’s not selfish to want to do the best by yourself.

Do you have a favourite quote or affirmation? And why is it special?

Great question! It’s a difficult choice, but I think my favourite definitely has to be this one by Anais Nin:

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

When I first read this, it was almost as if it was written for me. I just had to grow, even if I was fearful, because the alternative was so much darker. There’s always some element of ‘shadow’ in our lives, even though the modern ideal is that we’re super happy all of the time, but this quote also reminds me that it’s ok to go slowly. I just love that image of a growing flower blooming.

What does a perfect day look like for you?

I absolutely love having a day with nothing planned- absolutely nothing. I love that sense of freedom when you wake up and going with the flow, being able to look after myself in whatever way I’d like to at the time. It’s such a great feeling! Having a weekend like that is even better.

Finally could you sum up how you Live Well and Breathe Happy?

I do this by taking each day as it comes, really listening to my body and honouring my emotions and place in the world. Once we start tapping into that, everything else flows beautifully.

Katie Manning is a wellness mentor, teacher, writer and speaker who created the blog, ‘Conquering Fear Spiritually – CFS’, to create a community for those suffering from ME or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. After suffering from CFS for 10 years, Katie has completely cured herself of the illness and is on a mission to share her knowledge and healing with others. She is now inspiring people everywhere to dance with their fears and live radiant, vibrant lives. She has been featured on MindBodyGreen, Purpose Fairy, Tiny Buddha and interviewed by CBS Radio in America.


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Thank you Katie……. I feel a sense of peace and trust after reading her words and her story. I love to hear recovery stories from people who have ‘been there’ and this has really inspired me to continue on my own wellbeing path.

How about you? Do you love a good recovery story and have Katie’s words encouraged you as much as they have me?

I would love to hear from you as always and if you want to you can also read my own healing (on going) journey. xxx

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12 comments on “Creating a Beautiful Life (with Katie) – Recovering from CFS/ME”

  1. I really loved this interview, as a fellow ME/CFS sufferer who has started a blog to help me deal and cope with the cruelness of this illness I found it extremely uplifting to read such a beautiful story. I too feel a sense of peace and trust now 🙂 thank you for sharing this!

    Meg |

    • Hi Meg,
      Thanks lovely. I love to write up inspirational stories. Glad you enjoyed it. Your site/blog is lovely too and I wish you well in your journey. Keep up the blogging, its definitely important to have a purpose/focus.
      Love Carly xx

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