I have been working away behind the scenes of my FREE Recipe Book for some time now. I wanted to create something for you that would be useful and appealing. Something which I would desire myself.

The theme turned out to choose itself and was born out of brainstorming what I (as someone with low energy/CFS) desired to have available when I wanted to prepare something tasty.

That ‘something’ was a collection of very easy and healthy Snack & Dessert Recipes which then evolved into a ‘raw chocolate’ theme! This actually happened completely organically which leads me to assume that whilst I have totally ditched the processed rubbish I can still be labelled a CHOCKAHOLIC! ………………And seeing as raw chocolate is a super food I am quite proud of it!

I really hope you love the book and enjoy the creations. Please find the promo below and I would love to hear your comments too. Let me know what you think. Did I do okay?

Eat Brightly Recipe Book Promo

Would you like to eat healthily but don’t want to miss out on yummy treats especially Chocolate?

Maybe you have Chronic Fatigue or little time and preparing easy snacks seems too challenging?

I may have some help….

A FREE Recipe Ebook made just for you.

Free Recipe Book by www.living-brightly.com

Featuring a beautiful collection of delicious (Raw Chocolate) Snacks & Desserts.

These Recipes are designed with you in mind. They are cost effective containing a few basic ingredients to make things easy and simple.

They are truly healthy and free from Gluten, Dairy & Sugar.

They will support you on a healing and healthy eating plan. Fuelling you with Super foods and Nutrients. They are so delicious that the temptation of junk food will be taken away.

Everything is super simple and takes between 2-5 mins to prepare.

Will you accept the challenge and start (or continue) with your Healthy Eating today?

Join us?

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5 comments on “Presenting my Free Recipe Book – Suitable for Low Energy/CFS”

  1. Hi Honey, Thanks so much. I was so lucky to have some fab guest collaborations. Glad the process was smooth and thanks for letting me know. Let me know if you make anything. I would love to see.
    Love Carly xx

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