Today I had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Tara Caetano. An holistic health & lifestyle coach (to be) from Australia, she has also created her fabulous food website and is slap bang in the middle of building and pursuing her own Beautiful Life as we speak…..

Her heart and soul jump off the page in this inspiring interview….

Tara Caetano

Tara, thanks so much for speaking with me and the Living Brightly Tribe today. Can you first tell us a little about your life as it looks and feels right now?

I have just recently returned to Australia following a nine-month trip around the world with my partner. Prior to this, I was working in the corporate world, so this year has so far really been about making that transition into my dream career of Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coaching.

Life, lately has been extremely exciting, adventurous and unpredictable! However, when I look back, I realise that I have always had some form of big change constantly happening. I seem to manifest it and change is comfortable for me. I feel alive in never really knowing where life may take me next. 

So, what made you want to change your life and give up the corporate world to pursue your passion of becoming a coach? 

Just under four years ago, I was at a low point, discontent with life and very unmotivated and uninspired. I decided to pack up and move to Canada for a snow season, and it was whilst overseas that I really found myself, came to terms with what was important to me and made the choice to live a life that fulfilled me on all levels. 

After about a year of living back home in Sydney, I began to feel like my health and body didn’t match up with my inner happiness, and often held me back from living the life I knew I was supposed to be living. I had been overweight for most of my life, and was now getting to a point where I couldn’t stand to look in the mirror.

Around that time, by chance, I came across Kris Carr’s book, Crazy Sexy Diet, and Jess Ainscough’s blog, The Wellness Warrior. This was a huge ‘ah ha’ moment for me, and these two women ignited the fire in me to not only get back into shape, but be the healthiest version of myself possible. For the first time, I was learning about the story behind the food I was eating, the amazing benefits of different foods and seeing food for what it was, instead of the amount of calories it contained. Food as medicine was a concept I had never really understood before. I began to see how food could be nourishing and delicious at the same time.

What changes did you begin to implement?

I became addicted to health and wellness blogs, soaked up every bit of information I could and managed to lose 15 kg in a year, feeling the best I had ever felt. I also found a love for myself that I had lost along the way, and began to tap into my spiritual development through meditation. 

My body and life were transformed and I am forever grateful. I opened my heart to the power of health and wellness. I now feel ready to combine all of my passions into one; helping others live their dream life full of nourishment, adventure and soul.

Where do you feel you are in this incredible journey right now?

I am the healthiest, fittest and happiest I have ever been and each day sure does feel like I am flying high!

Right now I am enjoying sharing my message with the world, and inspiring my clients to live their best life. I am starting to grow my own wings even more as I anticipate the incredibly exciting moment when I will coach my first client. 

I am a big advocate of jumping or flying before you’re ready. So often we hold back from doing things we desire. But this feeling is usually just resistance or fear creeping in. It keeps us playing small, and only by taking that first leap into the unknown, can we comprehend that we had it in us the whole time.

What has been your biggest fear or resistance you’ve come up against so far?

When I first launched my blog I definitely faced some resistance. I was crazy excited, but nervous of what others would think and intimidated by all the other amazing health coaches out there who had blogs I adored. 

I came across a great quote from Emily Ehlers which really resonated with me 

“We are no different to the people we aim to emulate and when we decide that we are, we subconsciously place limitations on ourselves.”

This helped me to really put things into perspective and feel confident in what I have to offer to the world.

What is your biggest soulful lesson you have learnt?

That nothing really beats self-love. If you show yourself the same amount of love and respect that you would show your closest family member, you are able to give so much more of yourself. 

What are your key practices and health priorities to keep yourself balanced?

Yoga and meditation have played a big role. They ease my anxiety, allow me to reconnect to the present moment and simply breathe through things that are going on around me. They have kept me in alignment with my goals and acted as a gentle reminder that I am just one soul in this huge universe and there is so much more to life than what I see.

Nutrition though has got to be my number one key practice though. Nourishing my body at all times and treating it as my best friend is key to staying on track and maintaining a healthy mind and body.

Sum up what inspires your purpose and ignites your passion?

I feel alive when I see ‘that look’ on someone’s face. When they have just discovered something new about food or their health, and that little glimpse of wonder stares right at them.  When their perception changes from one of skepticism to one of hope, and you can sense that excitement and curiosity building inside them. I can’t help but do a little happy dance inside because I know that they are now empowered to look after themselves. 

What does a day in the Beautiful Life of Tara typically look like?

My day can be variable depending on what hours I am working but it usually kicks off at 6-6.30am. I will either climb Castle Hill, do yoga on the beach or go for a swim, followed by a short meditation. Then it’s my favourite time of the day – Breakfast! A good breakfast really sets a good tone for the rest of my day and usually consists of an icy cold green juice, or a smoothie. Followed by either my homemade granola with almond milk and berries, or a combo of eggs, avocado and cooked veg. 

Then I usually dry body brush, shower and get ready for a day of study, work or writing. I am a strong believer in filling up my own cup as a priority so I make sure to take time out often to do the things I love and to just recharge. This usually involves time in the kitchen, out on the water or in the yoga studio. 

Can you sum up what it means to ‘LIVE WELL & BREATHE HAPPY’ for you?

There really is no limit to what people are capable of. The opportunities really are endless, and if we break down the walls that we have built up around ourselves, like expectations and negative beliefs, we can all live a life that we love day in day out, and be the healthiest version of ourselves. Whatever your situation, no matter how much spare time you have or whatever your income – the lifestyle of your dreams is possible if you believe it can happen.

This is my mantra:

– Feed your mind with endless knowledge, be a student of life and always remain open to new perspectives and challenges.

– Feed your body with the medicine it craves, and show gratitude and respect to this vessel that carries you through this wild adventure.

– And finally feed your soul with nurturing relationships, with both others and yourself. 

 Professional Bio: Tara Caetano is a Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach in training, that puts fun back onto your plate, to trigger a wave of heart felt passion and desire to call this world your bitch. A world wanderer and closet entertainer, she serves her crazy beautiful Feed Me family heart-fuelled kicks up the ass to get intimate with their plate and live the lifestyle they have always dreamed of. When she isn’t making magic, demanding adventure or swimming with the whales, you can find her sitting cosy amongst the cushions of her Feed Me home, or serving her tribe on Facebook and Instagram.


So, let me know what you think in the comment box below? I would love to hear if Tara’s words of wisdom have inspired you to make a change? her words certainly inspired me. Or maybe you are already creating your own beautiful life (and/or business) – if so and you would also like to be interviewed please get in touch with me over on the Contact page or connect on here Facebook. For more gems please make sure you have signed up to my free Newsletter. Love Carly xx


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  1. Really enjoyed this interview. What a great attitude this lady has! Perfect mantra! Wishing her all the best life coaching 🙂

  2. Carly and Tara, I freakin’ love this! So inspiring and great blog series. I love Tara’s story and her picture is contagious, she looks so happy! Wishing her all the best as well on her journey and keep on rocking this blog series lovely. Well done! xxxxx

  3. I love the interview theme, the guided questions and the beautiful attitude that you drew out of the lovely Tara.
    I too look forward to reading the next one.

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