As you all know I am relatively new to this Blogging world. Just 4 months in I know I have found my home. My (present) place in the world. This just feels RIGHT and suits my situation.

Keep Calm and Blog

Blogging has given me a platform. A voice. A creative outlet in a world which can often feel insular. My ‘baby’ is new and like the real thing she grows and changes almost daily. I am not even in control of her for much of the time. She is.

This is organic and I follow her lead.

Before I launched my Blog I was caught up in the perfection game. As always, I deliberated and procrastinated.

What is the point of a Blog?

How can this potentially make me an income in the future?

Will I ever be as ‘big’ as the industry leaders out there?

Can I even do this?

Who will want to read what I write?

Question, questions, question. Round and round they went. I certainly didn’t have the answers and although I loved writing and I knew I had valid information to share, I just didn’t know if that alone was ‘enough’ to be successful.

However, what starting a blog has taught me is that ‘you just have to start somewhere’ and that you don’t need it all mapped out to begin with.

In this sense it has taught me TRUST.

Faith in an unfolding process which when you take the first step, propels you forward in a way which you never could have envisaged.

Trust in the idea and your own potential.

Untitled design

The key is simply TAKING THE FIRST STEP and believe me, the rest unfolds easily and gently and beautifully.

This was a great lesson to someone who plans things. Someone who perhaps underestimated the importance of creativity and play just for the heck of it. There doesnt need to be a plan or an outcome. Just a passion and a dream. That is all you need to Blog.

Access the creativity in you heart.

I started out cautiously (as is my nature) and over time I have added more personal content and a few photographs. I am easing myself in and building a ‘friendship’ with my audience, exactly as I would with a real person.

I take time to get you know you.

I hold back a little initially.

I cultivate Friendships which I honour and respect long-term.

I share a little more each time we meet and we get to know each other. At first we share the best of each other, and as time goes by we may get a little deeper and open up further. Mutual topics of interest evolve and lead on to new conversation gems where further sparks are ignited between us.

Or, perhaps over time we will part ways and move on. That’s okay too.

My blog is evolving and I don’t know exactly where it will be in a year’s time. But this is exactly as it should be. Wow – pressure off.

Learning, playing, growing, testing.

Already I am honing in more with my genre and topics, but I know for sure this will likely never be finalised and will always be open to change. If something new sparks my interest enough I can blog about it. I can simply add it to my category list and it will fit under the overall umbrella term of ‘wellbeing’.

I love this freedom.

For this blog is me. Yes, it is a Wellbeing & Inspiration Blog. Yes, I talk about Passion and Purpose, and Nutrition. But hell, I can literally write about anything my heart desires, because in truth this blog is an extension of Carly. Albeit a carefully selected ‘version’ as I am in essence a private person and you will never see the whole of me online. I will always hold back somewhat and you may have an image of me (or my life) which isn’t in fact an everyday reality.

But the Trust is growing more and more each time we connect.

So, to any newbie Bloggers out there who want to open up their hearts and don’t know where to start I say;

Find a theme or a genre you are interested in, but don’t worry if it feels ‘too wide’ at this point. Brainstorm about 10 category areas under your main theme which you then want to write about.

As time goes by have a look at which posts you enjoyed creating the most and which get the best response.  Make mistakes. Trial things.

Tidy up and narrow things down at this point.

Crucially, take that first step before you are crystal clear and ready! It’s actually better this way honest! And if you don’t yet know your audience and who you are blogging for – then write for yourself- the girl who is just like you. The one all your friends love. You won’t appeal to everyone but that’s okay.

Keep it authentically you and most of all enjoy and TRUST in this ever-changing and ever-growing process.

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16 comments on “Blogging and Trust: My Personal Blog Journey”

  1. What a beautiful post Carly, and you’ve hit the nail on the head. Trust, roll with it and be creative.

    You are a star. Had to bookmark this post, it’s so beautiful X

    • Oh thank you so much lovely. Im so glad. I felt nervous posting this one – the raw ones always make me feel this way so its nice to get some good feedback. xx

  2. This post was beautiful Carly, as a newbie blogger too this hit home.

    I was exactly the same way as you before I hit publish on my first post, in the perfection game, doubting my abilities, my dreams, myself! But then I hit publish and have not looked back.

    I love my little humble home and I am glad I finally “just started” because that is all we can do start and trust in the organic, beautiful process.

    Perfect words hunny xx

    • Hi Lyndsey,
      Thanks so much. Im thrilled how well received this post has been – the best ones always seem to be the ones I feel most nervous about sharing too 😉
      I really appreciate you reading and commenting lovely and will be checking out your site too 🙂
      Keep on blogging 🙂 Love Carly xx

  3. So wonderful & true! It does take the pressure off when you let it evolve naturally. I’ve let my blog switch directions (which I was nervous about at first), and people responded so well. I also like to remind myself that other bloggers are real people too to get out of the comparison mindset.

    • Great advise thanks Lauren. And thank you so much for the kind comment – much appreciated. It seems to definitely be best to follow your heart when you blog and being open to switching directions if required 🙂 Will be checking out your site 🙂 xx

  4. Carly, I just loved this! Thank you for posting, I’m so glad that you did.

    Only this week did I have a conversation about the relationship between blogging and trust, not to mention how blogging often acts as a gateway to whole other areas of self-discovery.

    Much love. Excited for the next installment. xo

    • Hi Niamh,
      Thank you lovely 🙂 I really appreciate the kind words. And how funny – I love a bit of synchronicity 🙂
      You’re right – it definitely opens up a world of self discovery! There is soooo much more to Blogging than I ever anticipated. I never even had it down as something I would be writing about but it feels right to include ‘Blogging’ as one of my categories now. Look forward to checking out your site.
      Love Carly xx

  5. This is such a lovely post that fills me with joy. I have been blogging since January but as I also write books and edit a magazine, posts have not been constant. But the past week I have been brainstorming ideas and getting excited about posting more regularly. See you on the blogging rollercoaster!

  6. Beautifully written post Carly! Love it. It’s difficult to get over the *will anyone even read this?* fear, but once you do, the magic starts to happen. Can’t wait to see how your adventure unfolds, I think the future is looking bright for you. Chloe (fellow BE&BH babe) xx

    • Thank you Chloe! The support and kind words mean such a lot 🙂 I really hope so too. I will be checking out your site. Love Carly xx

  7. Such a beautifully written post honey! And it resonates with me on so many levels. You really have to keep trusting and letting go of the need to control + pre-plan everything. And for me, it is absolutely about taking my time, getting braver and braver, one step at a time with sharing little bits of myself. It is amazing to trust your blog to be able to hold lots of different parts of you, because it is so true for all of us. We are all made of lots of different bits and sharing those with your tribe authentically is the biggest challenge and best-est (!) part of blogging! Sending you lots of love and positive vibes xx

    • Thank you lovely Ariadne. So true! And so much more depth to blogging than I ever anticipated 🙂 Lots of love and good vibes back at you xx

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