It is with pleasure that I excitedly bring you this interview with renowned make-up artist Emily Rose. I suggest you grab a sweet Lemon + Ginger Tea, settle down in a cozy spot, and curl up to read this uplifting chat…. For Emily-Rose is beyond inspiring, bold, bright and beautiful. With a passion for health and happiness literally pouring out from her, she demonstrates an incredible ability (and courage) to make changes and take big action steps on her life journey. I hope you enjoy this soulful chat and that Emily’s personal writing journey encourages all you aspiring authors to get creating.

Emily Rose shares tips on writing and publishing a book

Hi Emily – Thank you so much for joining us. I know so many people are going to be interested in your life experience and your tips for writing and publishing a book…..Can you share a little about yourself and what you do?

I’ve always been a big believer in using our talent to help others in the world; it is these actions that have the power to create a peaceful universe. I’m a makeup artist, but I also love to help people so besides doing makeup for the red carpet, weddings and advertising campaigns, I love to offer makeup as a therapy.

I was once asked to do makeup for a bride who’s mother only had a week to live, I did not know what to expect when I walked in to the room. I cleansed her skin and applied her makeup, as she would have liked to wear it, other people dressed her and did her hair, when she looked into the mirror she began to cry with joy. She felt like herself again for one more very special day.

Before I went into makeup I was torn between that and nursing. It wasn’t until my first day of university that I realized that I could combine my talent of makeup with helping people, so I left the course and put all my focus into makeup.

I am also a writer, I write about beauty, but also confidence and health too. I am the author of two makeup books, and regularly write for Holistic Therapist Magazine. I also make YouTube videos and run a blog.

Knowing your story myself, I  am hugely inspired by the life changes you have made and how you have created and stepped into your beautiful life. How did this process begin and what specific changes did you make?

The biggest thing that I have learnt over the last 4 years in particular, is that we really do create our own lives, whether it becomes beautiful, or the opposite. I, like most people have had my ups and downs. My leap into makeup came after my first daughter Lara was born. I worked full time in a job I didn’t fully enjoy and had just separated from her Father. I decided that the only way to achieve what I wanted was to go for it and take action and do something I loved.

After the birth of my second Daughter and whilst writing my second book, I actually went through a period of ill health. It has taken me 4 years to recover fully, and the biggest thing I learnt, is that we really do receive what we project out into the world.

You recently relocated from London to Australia – how does a typical day look for you?

No day is the same for me and consists of juggling a family / work / fun/ life balance. Typically I get up at about 6.30/7 with the kids and give them breakfast and have something light like a green smoothie or banana myself. Then I go for a swim – I swim everyday.

Some days I also run too. My husband does the same, and we try to take the kids with us. I will then follow with a bigger breakfast – paleo pancakes or something similar. I’m not a fan of cereal or toast in the morning as I prefer something truly beneficial to the body.

My eldest Lara will then go off to school, and my husband and I juggle childcare with our youngest Megan. Some days she goes to day care. If I am looking after Megan I work when she sleeps, that’s my chance to write up a blog post or film a YouTube tutorial. If Megan is taken care of I tend to do some makeup work. There is no real routine.

Once the kids are home I put the laptop away and its ‘mum time’ again. Its taken me years to learn the art of balance, particularly as I also attend various networking events or launch parties often. But it just takes forward planning – which I have definitely had to learn because I am some what a spontaneous person by nature!

How important is self-care in your life and what do you do to nourish yourself?

This is a topic that really touches my heart, because self-love is something that I lacked for a number of years. One day, after a lot of spiritual and therapy work, I realized that we simply do not function positively in life without self-love. Without it we destroy everything in our path.

 To love and be loved, you must first learn to love yourself.


When we love ourselves we are grateful. When we are grateful we love in abundance. When we love in abundance we radiate confidence and positivity. When we radiate positivity we create a beautiful life for ourselves and others around us and we attract positive life situations and people… And that is what this world needs – gratitude, love and kindness.

Exercise is top priority of mine but I am also conscious of trying to relax and slow my movements down – by doing this I actually work more quickly and accurately.

It’s so much nicer to chill than stress out and much better for our health. I also love to eat well, to listen to music and have bubble baths with candles.

I try to use healthy makeup, and give my skin a break from makeup too. I feel as comfortable going out and about without makeup now as I do with it.

Massage is also important to me and I love that it has been proven to be as effective as medication in some cases.

Other than those indulgences, it is the obvious things which nurture me – like looking after and playing with my children, having date nights with my husband along with hugs and kisses everyday, spending quality time with friends – oh and laughing everyday! You can never love or laugh too much. ☺

I know that you are passionate about makeup and also produce your own line of organic lipsticks. Can you tell us why organic products are important to you?

In a nutshell I really feel that makeup should nourish and care for the skin – in my view that is part of self-love and caring for others, after all what we put onto our skin is essentially absorbed into the blood stream. I regularly work with terminally ill patients offering makeup as therapy, so healthy makeup is crucial to my work. The lipsticks came about for this reason. Have you ever stopped to think how many lipsticks women eat a year? What we put onto our lips goes into our mouths. I wanted a range of natural lipstick that were vibrant and colourful, but all natural. At the time I felt that a lot of the natural makeup lines were all quite earthy tones, and I wanted something with a bit more zing. My lipsticks are currently on hold due to moving country, but I will no doubt venture into them again.

So, you have 2 books published. Amazing! Can you share more about this experience and tell us hows it feels to be a published author?

Writing and publishing a book

My first book was published in September 2011 and is titled How to Look Pretty Not Plastered. Becoming an author just sort of happened. In school I loved English so I regularly wrote stories throughout my life. I like many girls went through ups and downs with my self-esteem, and what became apparent to me, is the lack of understanding in just how powerful makeup is to a girl. I heard numerous girls comparing themselves to models, and whilst models are beautiful women, much of what they are comparing themselves to is photo shop image!  I realised these girls were caking makeup on to their faces as a way of hiding behind it rather than using it to accentuate their own beauty.

My approach is to encourage women to learn to feel confident without makeup first, and then add touches of colour bit by bit to enhance. I wondered initially just how I could convey this message and I started to blog my ideas. After a while the idea of writing a book on this philosophy was suggested to me….

The first book was written in mind of teenagers really and it is both a confidence boosting book and a makeup guide. The title is basically meant to convey the message that less is more but that you can still achieve the brightest boldest looks. My aim is to guide girls to embrace feeling confident both with and without makeup and to educate them about digital editing, thus hoping that they learn to love their own unique selves rather than comparing themselves to an image that’s barely even real.

The second and newest book (launched in June 2014) How to Look Beautiful Forever is aimed at women of all generations encouraging them to make their own choices rather than be dictated to by age.

Can you share with us the step-by-step process to writing and getting published?

When I first decided to officially write a book I didn’t have a clue where to start. I had never even thought it possible to write a book let alone have it published! It’s amazing what we are capable of when we put our minds to it. Anything is possible.

After the writing process the next step was to suss out publishing houses. I emailed a few and this was no easy task because most will only take solicited manuscripts, which means you need a literary agent. I decided to research with good old Google and see if there were any publishers who might take unsolicited manuscripts…. Finally I found one, submitted my proposal and was invited to an interview. They loved the book concept and so the deal was sealed that day.

My publisher has been incredible to work with. They give so much support, and at the same time they have allowed me so much control. I had say over every step of the editing process and layout, and all photography was outsourced by me and my contacts.

There are various publishing deals out there, but my publisher funds mine and I receive a small royalty from each book. The sales reps pitch the book to the bookstores, and if they like it, they stock it. Thats how the process works.

So, just how amazing did it FEEL to have your book in print?
Seeing my book on the shelves next to my own makeup idols like Bobbi Brown, felt surreal and amazing.

Something I had never dreamed possible. I love knowing that I could potentially help so many people.

Overall has the process been successful – both financially and personally?

I never set out to write a book for money, the aim for me was to convey a message and hopefully give people confidence and guidance. Simply having the book on the shop shelves, or even better, in the hands of readers has felt achievement enough for me. I have a small percentage of royalty per book, but in all honesty, to become rich as an author, you really would need to sell hundreds of thousands, if not millions of copies.

The books are doing well and I am happy. I do feel that it is really important as an author to be completely authentic, if you set out with $ signs in front of your eyes, I would imagine it would be harder to connect with readers and the publishers and build trust.

Lastly, what does Living Brightly mean to you?

I once read that just as a flower never ceases to bloom just because no one looks at it, and the moon never loses its shine just because no one gives it gratitude, we too should shine no matter what. That is living brightly, to me.

Wow….I really hope you loved this interview and this lovely lady. Please leave any comments below and I am sure Emily-Rose would love to answer any questions you may have? Let me know if writing a book holds a special place in your heart too? It does for me and I intend to get the words onto paper one day soon. Imagine that feeling! Please share what book may be inside you?

With Love

Carly xx

Bio: Emily-Rose is the author of makeup books; ‘How to look beautiful forever’ and ‘How to look pretty not plastered’. As a qualified makeup artist Emily-Rose regularly works within the fashion, commercial, red carpet, television and wedding industry, whilst building her YouTube channel, blogging and writing for magazines. Emily has also launched a makeup therapy service supporting all illness, disabilities and the elderly. She has been the makeup artist for many music artists including Tinie Tempah and the Backstreet Boys, and has worked with the BBC, and Channel S (Sky 814) Television’s version of the X Factor. Emily is passionate about makeup and loves to make someone feel confident and beautiful and has been the make-up artist for many stars at red carpet events. Emily is qualified and confident with hair styling & spray tans.Originally from London, Emily-Rose is now based in Sydney, Australia.

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