Often, when I read intriguing pieces or listen to spell-binding interviews I go off into my own deep internal reflective state. Mulling things over. Examining the concepts I’ve heard. Applying them to my life, and simultaneously working out parts of my own puzzle.

We mould what we hear/read to suit our own lives don’t we?

I mentally construct a conversation.

Does anyone else do this?

As a new blogging idea I thought I would write out these internal conversations and share them with you by way of open letters/response to the recipients who triggered the thought process.

She makes Magic letter to Alanna

Below is an letter to the lovely Alana (she was happy for me to publish) from She Makes Magic and her recent *podcast interview with Shae. I adored it as you can tell…..


Dear Alana,
Ive listened to your fortnightly podcast series ‘She Makes Magic’ from the beginning, and I hear both the vulnerability and truth in your voice which strengthens with each episode. I relate to hearing from someone who has authenticity flooding through her veins. The power in hearing your words and knowing that you are not an expert but just a girl (like me) on her own journey, doing her own thing, and just experimenting with life is compelling and bewitching. And so much more so than many of the finely polished and established interviews I’ve heard…..
There is another flavour added to the mix when you have followed an organic evolution.
And that isn’t to say that your podcast isn’t beautifully polished too darling. Because it really is. But what I am trying to say is that not only do we, as listeners, receive wisdom from your interviewee, it additionally pours into us from witnessing the courage of your own personal journey. It makes us feel like we could do this too. Or something similar.
So, firstly Thank You for sharing.
I believe that us fellow bloggers accept that we too are on a path of taking risks and seeking answers. This is why we write.
To explore, to document and to dig.
A quest for peace amongst the chaos of life.
Along the way, however, we begin to also understand that the desire to ‘find an answer’ is meerly the trigger which set us started, and that as we move forward the best advise is to simply follow the crumbs and see what evolves.
You hopped in a campervan and set off on your own around Australia! To say that I am in awe of that is an understatement. You remind me to follow the crumbs Alanna even in my own teeny tiny way.
Every podcast in the series has had its gems but I believe in synchronicity and timing and for me your chat with Shae really resonated. Not in any physical way because I am so far from being a gypsy traveller it is laughable and my ears still echo with my own giggles (but Im fine with that), and yet I am also drawn to stories such as these?
I pondered why and what I’ve come to see is that it doesn’t have to be the actions and experience we covert and desire, but the FEELINGS themselves. Adventure represents the ultimate FREEDOM…… and I want to feel FREE. Really free within my head and heart and bones. And that is why I am drawn to these soul tales. I soak up evidence that you can ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’.
For some reason I was meant to listen to yourself and Shae today. I dove headfirst between the lines to find my own truth bombs and hidden messages. To explore what else limits me other than obvious and real physical health?
For instance, I once balked at the suggestion that our problems can serve our fears….
But if I remove the ego from the equation it is true. It is not a judgement or even negative in any way, and it doesn’t even often change the reality of the situation. It doesn’t mean that we are holding ourselves back on purpose, or that we could even potentially change anything. It just means that fear will always find a reason – genuine or otherwise. It is up to us to really tune in and know ourselves and what is our truth.
And that truth may be that despite fear we are still stuck. But it is still interesting to separate the emotions. The more we see the more we grow after all.
Wow, I don’t know about you, but writing and listening and pondering feels like deep deep work in itself. Hehe. Sometimes I need a break from it all to be honest as valuable as it is. Shae hit another nerve within me when she reminded us to have fun. I needed to hear that too. Smiles, giggles and joy when ever and where ever we can must be the mantra which sits alongside our philisophical and tender hearts and minds.
Anyway, sorry I went off track… this is what happens to me when I immerse myself in a enthralling interview…It sucks me under and I go off into my inner world and explore my own responses. I think this is what marks a truly successful podcast and is the true meaning of inspiring others.
The only down side is that I have to go back and re-listen just for the art of the story itself again afterwards. Then again thats not a bad problem to have….
Thanks so much Alana and Shae for your wisdom and soul sharing. In gratitude to you for shifting my day.

Love + WishesCarlyxxx

I feel so good from writing this letter of gratitude. Spreading the joy and letting others know the impact they have had on you is a wonderful thing to do. Do you take the time to let others know?

Im interested to know if you also go off into your own world when you listen to podcast and read interviews or words of wisdom? Do you stick with the story or zone out into another dimension? Maybe its just me? Let me know.

*Listen to the podcast episode right here.

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7 comments on “An Open Letter ( + Reflections) to Alana’s ‘She Makes Magic’ Podcast”

  1. What a beautiful letter. I can feel everything you are sharing. The Sisters at She Makes Magic are doing something amazing aren’t they? I used to be able to tell you my favourite episode and why it changed my life but now every single episode is hitting home and filling me up with so much wisdom. And sweet sweet Alana, so inspiring and brave!! 🙂 xo

  2. Carly, thank you so much for sharing a snippet of your internal monologue with all of us. I love here that you have spoken about fear and truth and being stuck and that the answer is always about tuning in. Absolutely! I have discovered this more and more during my travel this years. Funnily, one of my words for this year is FREEDOM. Like you, I crave it – even more so now after my travels. But freedom in all it’s forms, freedom to express how I want to express, to be me in my fullness, to feel all my feelings – to laugh, to cry, to be angry – and be okay with all of that, freedom to honour all my desires, freedom to change my mind. There are so many layers to freedom. I can’t wait to see how this year unfolds as I focus in on that. Thank you again, beautiful. I loved reading every word. xx

    • Hey Lovely,
      Thanks for your words. You are so right and I wish you all the freedom you desire. This is my ‘word’ for definite this year and I believe it chose me (rather than the other way around) for had I thought about it all too much I would never have equated FREEDOM with a core desire of mine, but like you I now realise that to be truly FREE is about something else than perhaps the obvious literal meaning of the word. Freedom to be ME – wholly, fully and without fear. It is the ultimate desire of us all perhaps. Even considering the word feel expansive and light. I am going to keep reminding myself that this is what I choose. Much love to you. Keep up the good work. xx

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