Since embracing the healing life I have realised how important creativity is. To really access and get into the Flow is to truly get out of your head. Creating a space where joy, relief, and pleasure are experienced and expressed. For me, this outlet is usually through the medium of the written word, but I also love to play about creatively with every day things like interior design in my room, and fashion. Putting pieces together. Taking time to look and feel.

Quite simply to play….. and to Create.

For a while now I’ve had the notion of dabbling with photography too. Inspired to capture beautiful moments and images. A chance to really see. To stop and notice…. and then to hold onto it.

Its feels slow, calming and grounding to access the landscape with a creative eye.

It feels purposeful and pleasurable to vulnerably make a choice and position the lens.

It takes belief to follow through.

The ritual and process getting me into the FLOW – of nature and of life.

A stunning rainbow, a crashing wave, a bright pink sunset, the face of your loved one. Every details taken in first through your own eyes, and then again through the lens. A unique chance to really look at the world deeply.

The joy experienced once again as memories resurface whilst later flicking back through the album. Returning to that place in an instant and reigniting related emotions.

My first chosen playground was Seasalter beach in Whitstable. I adore it here with its mix of luxury and modernity, amongst the rustic quaintness. It is one of my local Kent Happy Places. An oasis of calm with stunning houses and run down shacks nestled together, the view magnificent, and without prejudice, whichever window may frame it.

Seasalter Beach Stroll

I like to get right down amongst the pebbles, wild flowers and drift wood.

seasalter beach Whitstable

whitstable and seasalter beach

And ponder over which is my favourite beach house?

Amongst all the stunning luxury I think I would have to choose the beach shack peeking though the photo above….

Seasalter Beach House, Whitstable, Kent

I would grab a cushion and settle into a comfy chair with a cup of lemon tea. I could gaze out to sea as the inspiration to write my book flowed…..

I reallllly wanna stay here and dream.

But, as the sun got lower there was just time for a few more snaps and a quick play with my new little puppy Marli…

Seasalter Beach

2016-07-24 18.17.04

2016-07-24 18.16.09

Dearest Seasalter Beach; My camera, Marli, and I will be back again soon.

Love + WishesCarlyxxx

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