My friend Emma sent me a poem recently (read how it touched me HERE) and  unknowingly it became this incredible catalyst which organically released spirited poems hidden within.

A poetry self publishing idea is brewing…


I confess, I didn’t even know that I had poetry wanting to be released.

But it seems I do.

Very much so infact seeing as for the last fortnight I have literally had to have a pen and notepad near me at all times to document this (new) unrelenting creative outpouring. I go to bed (at night) and shut my eyes, and verses just form – out of nowhere – and I know I must jot them down.

They want to be heard, and shared.

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Ironically I’ve been extremely fatigued lately too? But I wrote once before about how our best work often comes from being in such a place and I continue to honour this truth. Much like how a melancholic state is often a prerequisite to an artist producing the most stunning creative work.

Strange but true.

My theory is that such (extreme) states take us so far inwards that the outside world receeds and becomes completely still and silent. From here we almost start to exist on an  intimate and soulful level – if we so allow ourselves.

We feel reflective and emotional.

For me, when I am particularly unwell I will notice (and tune into) my environment even more. Colours are brighter. Noises so loud. To lay and watch the clouds drifting by, through the window, will hold my gaze for the longest time. And yet it feels like just a moment has passed.

Of course, either side of the zen there is always wilful frustration and desperate sadness …. but I try to let these roll out.

From this space of little distraction I allow the urge to write or create take over and my secret heart to communicate openly….

poetry self publishing

In my state of flow I am churning out – in a can’t put the pen down way – endless poetic creations.

In awe to be the vessel, these sonnets just keep pouring. Continuously I reframe a mere thought or conversational snippet to read lyrical. Braver in my sharing than I would ever be in real life.

In a world full of stress I find expression and creativity so healing.


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I’ve already shared a few of my poems on Instagram and my Facebook page and I’ll (very humbly) say that the response has lighted and buoyed me up. Encouragement to keep writing and to take it further, and create a beautiful little book?

Could I? Should I?

I would love to. Im looking into it. My idea is to perhaps self publish this book before I properly begin my (self) anticipated health memoir style book. . Im fully committed, but that  book is going to take me some time to write yet, although I admit at one point I deliberated over whether it was even viable to write a book on healing when Im still sick? But I decided it certainly is….

But, back to this idea. This book is within my current health and energy realms.

Infact, this is why I’m loving poetry – because it is manageable.

And so, I wonder if anyone can give me any tips on poetry self publishing and marketing? Any proceeds would go towards my Fundraising Appeal, but to be honest, the absolute joy I would feel holding My Book in my hands would be reward enough.

Cue smiles of potential possibilities.

I would love to know what you think? Whether – can I ask – you would consider buying it for yourself, or maybe as a gift to a friend?

The theme is based around my life. So they include healing, health, recovery, soul, spirit, growth, writing, inspiration, and all the things which I am attracted to. They also explore love and longing and primal desire and dreams. A collection of the soul’s voice you could say. Its very personal but I think many people will relate?

Thank you lovely friends. Awaiting your thoughts. And make sure you are signed up to my newsletter to keep updated when the book in in production – with early bird pricing – and for more secret poems I only share in this private manner.Love + WishesCarlyxxx

P.S I’ll leave you with a  few more teasers;when-all-isquietwill-you-whisper-to-meyour-trueblushingdesiresand-i-will-hold-them-safeuntil-you-areraedy-15





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7 comments on “My Poetry Self Publishing Idea”

  1. Love the poetry Carly. You are obviously a natural ! I use to love writing poems at school and have recently being playing with ideas for our wedding. Just love how ryme and structure can make words have more energy and emotion.. Feels very peaceful and romantic too.

    I personally love little books for gifts but also to keep for myself, ha! Enjoy the process if you do write one. Either way you should definitely make one for yourself as a keep sake for years to come xxx

    • Thanks honey,

      Oh I’ll definitely keep a copy – or 3. Would be so cool.

      Yes wedding poetry sounds very romantic – go for it. Cannot wait to see what a stunning bride you are going to make. Need the inside info and details on it all soon. xxx

  2. Words can’t even tell you how much I love this post lovely friend. Hearing about how the poems have literally flowed from you this last couple of weeks, triggered by an inspiration, one simple poem, makes me smile so much.

    You’ve got so much to give. Writing is one of your many talents, but one that needs to be shared with the world whether it’s via a blog or a book. Via lengthy essays or poetry.

    I’d definitely buy your poetry book….but you know that already.

    Emma xx

    • Hi Nicola,
      Thank you so much 🙂 … I am about to self publish my collection (soon) which has the poetry section along with chapters around using creativity and writing to aid healing and live your best life. So excited. Hope you will love it. I need to work out how to invite people on to some kind of pre-order / notification list. xx

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