Dear Amelia,

When I was a year older than you are today I received a coveted gift for my birthday. I still have it and next year I will pass it onto you. It is a beautiful and poignant book by A.A Milne titled ‘Now we are 6’ – so you see I can’t give it you quite yet darling, but next year I shall, and I hope that you treasure it as I have, and that one day you get to be as lucky as I am and give it to someone special who reaches this milestone too.

But for now Miss Meili you are 5. And we don’t want to rush a moment of your growing up, for every day is magical with you and your brother Hugo.

I don’t yet know if you will develop your Aunty’s love for books, words and writing but I know that you will adore a letter written especially from me to you. About you. About the year you turned 5, and then later 6 and 7 and so on. I will print them out and give to you when you are older as a keepsake…..

How you have grown up this past year. You have just finished your first year at St Mary’s school and you have thrived. We have watched you settle in, make friends, but always remain your own unique and strong-willed person. And I’ve never met anyone who has pulled off a yellow and brown uniform quite as well as you. Mummy even mastered the French plait, and suffice to say – you rock the look.

On ‘World Book Day’ Daddy dressed you as Matilda (with a red ribbon in your hair) and for months you thought you had magical powers. We all played along and when you gave us ‘the stare’ we fell backwards. Again and again. You knew it wasn’t real but the magic was there anyway. You were picked for a prime role in the nativity play but actually you had a far better time spending a week on holiday instead. Just yesterday you told me about the time you sang a song in front of the entire class – in French….. You amaze me all the time.

Already you are a little lady. You always have been. Wisdom, kindness, humour, loyalty, sensitivity, and tenderness are your strengths. Clumsy-ness (and an ability to trip over a thin air) being your quirk. If anyone can fall over my lovely it will be you. But if anyone else hurts themselves you are first in line to comfort and look after them. You also know your own mind and there is no changing it once it is set,

Grandad and Nanna sometimes call you ‘Dotty’ because you are one of the littlest in the class, and (obviously) one of the cutest too. Mummy and Daddy call you “Pops’ (short for poppet) and Hugo has only just started calling you by your full name rather than ‘Mimi’. But whatever we call you we all adore you. I love that you still tell me that I am your ‘bestie’ and I hope it never changes. You make me laugh more than anyone.

Your best friends are Jonie, Bella, Ana, Amelia G, Lola, Olive, Jessica, Sia and many more. I doubt any of them chatter as much as you do though. You love living in Whitstable and know lots of people around the Town. You go to swimming class every Tuesday, and each Saturday Daddy takes you to French lessons (to stay true to your Mauritius heritage); often you ride on his scooter zooming along the pavements, stopping only to pick up a cake at the bakers. At school you were asked to list the best things about where you live and ‘McDonalds’ featured highly – even though Aunty refuses to ever take you there!…. But we often make cakes (or smoothies) together instead, and you love laying out the pretty tea cups for our (hygee) dinners.

I especially love that you practice a little yoga with me. And that you once secretly told me that in assembly you did meditation with your eyes shut for a giggle. I definitely love that you love the musical Annie….. and I’ve already told you how Mummy and I watched that film so many times when we were young that in the end Grandad couldn’t take it any more and threw the tape away!

Last week you had a unicorn party. Mummy and Daddy put so much effort into making it amazing and even hired you a real life unicorn to ride on. I baked the cake. I think it’s turned into an Aunty tradition now. You gave me strict (and complex) instructions on your exact requirements, and maybe I didn’t quite pull it off, but I think you enjoyed it anyway.

You adore your brother (as he does you) even though you still really want a little sister too. Nanna bought you baby twins once and whilst the baby girl slept in bed beside you, the baby boy was quickly banished downstairs for mis-behaviour. I doubt this will change.

You love to be in charge; and change the rules of every game we play. ‘Connect 4’ became ‘Connect 5’ within seconds. Role play features highly, and my room doubles up as your opticians, hairdressers, and make up parlour; where I am always the customer. You even have your own space in my dresser table drawer for your perfume and lip balms.

You have long brown (slightly unruly) hair, and I tell you all the time how much I want that exact colour for myself. I took you to the hairdressers with me once and you told the lady to make mine exactly like yours. I wish!…. Your eyes are a blue like I’ve never seen on another and quite uniquely stunning. And when you are cross you screw up your face like an angry butterfly.

Grandad gives you £1 pocket money every Thursday and you think you are very rich. Last week you told me you had enough to take us all to Pizza Express for dinner.

Out of all your toys you’ve always loved to play with your dolls most of all, and you still do. You’ve made me promise that every year I will buy you one on your birthday. I wonder when that will change? Last year you had Annabelle from Majorca and this year you have one yet to named. To be honest its a promise I’m more than happy to keep for when Mummy and I were your age we were besotted with our baby dolls too, and whilst she always had the boy doll, I always had the girl too….. We thought (back then) that this would pan out in real life eventually, but sometimes life has other plans. I always desperately wanted a little girl myself, but you know what, I have YOU, my utterly incredible niece (my little sister’s daughter no less), and quite simply that is magical.  Even more I have an adorable nephew too. To be an Aunty to you pair of munchkins is a complete blessing and joy. They say that you can’t know true love until you have children of your own. I disagree entirely. I know love. Real love. 


I love you both more than words. I have from the evening your parents brought you home (on July 28th 2012), and the universe did me a favour and flooded their flat, which meant you unexpectedly stayed at our house. I gave them my bed to get some well earned rest, and although they could hardly even bare to be parted from you for a second (they were both besotted), I got to cuddle you for hours all by myself. Just you and I.

Soul mates can appear in all shapes and sizes and surprises throughout life. 

Happy 5th Birthday Amelia.

With love always

Aunty Carly xxx

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2 comments on “A letter to my niece – And now you are 5”

  1. This post brought tears to my eyes. So beautiful. Just beautiful.

    Amelia is blessed to have an Aunty like you, as are you to have a niece like her.

    Your love for her is so clear to see, and the words of this letter will reach her heart for many years to come I’m sure.

    Thank you for sharing this lovely letter with us all Carly

    Em xxx

  2. This has also bought tears and is simply beautiful. Growing up and relationships we have with little people in our lives as well as the relationships we had at that age are so special. So lovely for Amelia to have all this captured. What a special Auntie you are xxx

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