Inspired by the beautiful collaborative project by Leah (creator of PaperPlanesConnect) and Meg (creator of Show Me Your Diamond) to light a spark back under the humble poem…. I had a little play around myself today….

The energy of these amazing girls and the beauty of their project (which encourages budding writers and visionaries to unleash their words and thoughts into poems) and associated gorgeous art illustrations (see the beauty above) simply drew me in……

What can I say…. I heart words.

If I’m being totally honest Ive never been a huge poet fan. Yet I do believe in the power of a poem because once you find THE ONE it imprints on your soul and never leaves.

Much like a perfect quote or a song which feels as though it were written just for you.

I only recall one poem which I could even begin to recite back to you. One from old school days sat in GSCE English Literature……

Written by Wilfred Owen about the irony of War.

“Dulce et decorum est.”

Translated from Latin into the most ironic and challenging statement/question.

“It is sweet and befitting to die for one’s Country.”

This poem had a million layers to uncover. It spoke to me and shared a message, intention and vibration in a way that no other format would been able to do.

I. Got. It.

It has stayed with me forever.

A million times more powerful than any book I may have read on the same subject. Sometimes less really is more.

Perhaps we are able to sense words which are written completely from the heart? And in recognition of this we choose to carry them with us into our own. Keeping them safe and alive – feeling as though we are somehow honouring and supporting the creator by doing so?

Words are beautiful curving shapes and gentle squiggles, which have the potential to be crafted, guided and gently manipulated into something incredible only by a true wordsmith.

For when an passionate brilliant idea collides with a true authentic artist –  ALCHEMY HAPPENS.

Just to clarify, I don’t in any way claim to be a poet of any kind. Im just a girl who likes to write and play with words and use them as a release to get thoughts and busyness out of my head. As always I remind myself that I write for me. For my own wellbeing.

I often feel the need to access creativity and today a poem felt like an option to try. Something short and quick and just for the creative hell of it.

Actually I felt much better afterwards too. Creative pursuits definitely help me.

And so in the spirit of sharing mine with you, I encourage you to check out Leah and Megs’ project and be inspired to pick up the poetic pen yourself. Just for fun. Just for kicks. Just to see. Let me know how it goes in the comments below.

Snowflakes of dreams.

Like the softness of delicate snowflakes

My ideas and dreams gentle swirl in the cold breeze

I put my hand out to catch one. Palm raised in presumptuous anticipation

I watch it fall, yet when it does it leaves nothing but a cold wet imprint on my skin

A promise not quite formed. A whisper of what could be.


I look up again at the white heavy sky as I intentionally raise both arms high once more

Each hand upturned, fingers splayed wide. Ready this time.

I can see the flakes so why can’t I catch them? I need to make sure they are real.

Yet, once again they float merrily around me

Happy in their ignorance and bliss

Touching and teasing me constantly, but dissolving on contact.


I retire indoors with a smudge of sadness

My time is not quite yet.


Through the window the flakes glisten and wink at me

Pulling me back

Their purity restoring my hope

Innate beauty igniting my passion

Softly I breathe. I can wait. I have time.


For my dreams are just shimmering and bubbling

Taking shape but not quite formed

I cannot force them to solidify anymore than I can force a snowflake to do so.

To see but not yet to touch

Their time (and mine) will come.

I go back outside and I dance with the snowflakes

Faith in my heart once more.


With Love + WishesCarly xxx

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4 comments on “Inspired By Poetry”

  1. Carly.. this is so beautiful babe, you’ve kinda left me speechless! But I will say this.. you my dear are most certainly a poet.
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us all x

  2. This had me in tears!

    Carly this poem is so powerful.

    Just beautiful. You have such a gift with words.

    I felt every emotion in that

    Emma x

    • Hehe wow I literally did not expect such compliments! Thanks lovely. Although sorry to make you cry 😉 ….. Maybe when you truly relate to a piece of writing its power increases tenfold? xx

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